Welcome to Four of a Kind Diaries! A life and style blog brought to you by four Pittsburgh based sisters. We all share a common love for fashion, food, makeup, and travel, but we each have a different style. Follow along to see the different styles that make us each unique.

Meet Us Girls:

Moriah- Hello! I am a twenty something Pittsburgh girl who loves my one year old Chihuahua Terrier Nell, planning my upcoming wedding, and finding the best accessories. While my name is Moriah, my friends and family call me Mo. I am the owner of Born to Be Designs, a fashion jewelry company who is celebrating its third birthday this summer. I graduated from The University of Pittsburgh with a degree in anthropology and history. My style is an equal mix of boho and edgy and I top all of my looks off with a total arm party! If you have any further questions about anything I post then send me a note to fourofakindblog@gmail.com with my name in the subject line!


Hope – Hi there!  I’m Hope, the blessed sister of Moriah, Noelle and Sophia (and Sammy).  Born and raised in the sunny Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, I graduated from Pitt about a year ago.  I am the proud mother of Theo, an adorable 4 month old Goldendoodle (don’t worry you’ll see plenty of him).  Being that I work in an office all day, my style is the result of my constant effort to wear something that can transform from Work to Play.  I love finding new restaurants to try and am always open to suggestions (bonus if it’s Thai or sushi).   I love long walks down the aisles of Target, photographing my puppy and renovating rooms in my parents’ house.  Any comments or suggestions? Shoot me an email at fourofakindblog@gmail.com, subject: Hope.

Noelle– Hi! I am a junior at Duquesne University studying Entrepreneurship and Economics. As you can probably tell from my field of study, I have a deep interest in starting my own business. To have unlimited creative freedom and complete control, is the ideal job. My interest include: tacos & Thai food, baking, music, dogs, thrift shops, and clothes. When I go to thrift stores I always look at unique items, whether it be clothes, furniture, art, etc., and I think that with a little work these things could be extraordinary. Thus, I hope to one day open a store that sells refurbished second-hand materials, that retain their original charm. My style is mixture of so many things, my winter wardrobe is minimal and simple, my spring/summer wardrobe is colorful, and at times preppy (like I said, a mixture of everything: if it is cute, I’ll wear it). If you want to contact me, email fourofakindblog@gmail.com and use my name as the subject line and I will to get back to you. I hope that you enjoy and find something that inspires you! 


Sophia- Hello! I am senior in high school getting ready to attend the University of Pittsburgh majoring in Pre-Education. I guess you could say I like to work with children. My interests are: sports (played soccer since 4 y.o.), reading, arts, cooking, eating and napping. I love to cook and eat Thai food, much like my sisters. Hopefully after I graduate college, which is still a long time from now, I will be a primary-school teacher with a focus on arts and humanities. I want to open a day care when I’m established. Basically, if I am helping children learn and grow, then I would be happy. My style is a combination of athletic to Cali chill. I tend to stay with anything comfy and relaxed. If you have any further questions about anything I post then send me a note to fourofakindblog@gmail.com with my name in the subject line.