Dining Diary #1: Kahuna and Bird on the Run

Happy Monday!

This weekend in between all of our “to dos” (hair appointment, open house, the first Pittsburgh blogger closet sale, spring cleaning, etc.), we were able to take time and try out two newer food places 😋.

While laying in bed last night, I knew that I wanted to share about how AMAZING both restaurants are today (I spent the whole weekend reminiscing). I knew I wanted to tell you about the location, the aesthetic, how they offer something different from other places around, and the FOOD. Duh.

It got me thinking that we needed to add another section to our blog that offers us a chance to share our favorite food places not only around Pittsburgh, but in areas we travel to as well.

So welcome to the first installment of our Dining Diary!!!

Without further ado, here are my two favorite new spots to eat!


I ate at Kahuna on Saturday after my hair appointment. My bestie and I were on our way home from Washington (where the salon is located) and we were STARVING. Liv suggested we try out the new Poke place in East Liberty, and since I’m always down for something new I happily agreed.

We were not disappointed.

Kahuna is a Hawaiian poke and fresh juice restaurant located on South Highland Ave.

You walk in and the place is perfectly decorated with fun, colorful wall paper, colorful stools, and the most perfect Instagram worthy wall (hence our latest Insta post…).

When you walk up to the poke bar, you are greeted by one of the super friendly employees or the owners themselves. The menu is posted on the wall behind them and everything is easy to understand.

They offers a handful of signature poke bowls, fresh juices, beer, and cocktails. If none of the poke bowls sound like what you want, they also have an option where you can create your own.

Liv and I were newbies so we decided to go with two bowls off the menu. She got spicy tuna and I got firecracker shrimp.

You chose your rice or noodle and they make your meal right in front of you *if you are a fan of full service places, then this might not be the spot for you*.

At the register you have a fridge to your left that has an array of beverages. Juices, teas, beers, etc. I spotted one of my favorites (rhinegeist bubbles, a rosé cider 😍). So Liv and I both took one to go with our meal.

When it comes to seating you can either sit at one of their two top tables, you can sit at the bar overlooking the kitchen, or you can sit at the bar in front of the garage door window (it opens when it’s nice out and you can sit outside!).

We chose the window seats and enjoyed one of the better meals I’ve had in a long, long time.

Once we were done, we took advantage of the aesthetically pleasing wall and got on our way.

I personally give this place a 10 and if you love trying something new then do yourself a favor and check them out.



While leaving Kahuna on Saturday, I saw the sign for Bird on the Run and was instantly intrigued. Kahuna was on the left of a trio strip of restaurants (which I found out are all run by the same people!) and B.O.T.R. was on the right (Muddy Waters, an oyster bar, is in the middle).

We were wayyy too full to stop in and check it out so we put it on the list for “next time”.

I didn’t think that next time would fall on the very next day, but after a quick look at their Instagram Sunday morning I couldn’t wait longer. It all looked so good.

Noelle and Sophia were down to go after our first Pittsburgh Blogger Closet Sale (more to come on that soon) so we did.


Im a huge fan for spicy and their extra spicy tenders quickly took the 1st place spot in my heart (sorry Ethan).

The chicken was super juicy and the breading wasn’t too thick. The perfect piece of fried chicken 😍

Noelle also got spicy chicken tenders and Sophia opted to get the sandwich (pickles and mayo 😍).

I don’t want to be that obnoxious person that finds a place they love and eats there every other day, but let’s just say I am already planning on my next visit…

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