DIY At Home Chinese Buffet

8D2784EB-5C00-4ED0-A119-93F37A54C673Anyone else massive fans of Chinese buffets? I know I know, they can be super unhealthy and a lot of people have a problem with food sitting out all day and dozens of people hovering over it. I however look past these small hang ups and enjoy all it has to offer. Where else can you get fried rice, pizza, sushi, and soft serve ice cream all in one place? I’ll wait.

I feel like our love for the Chinese buffet stems from our Gigi’s (grandma) love for it. When we were younger we would go to her house, help her with yard work, and be rewarded with $20 and a trip to the buffet.

We looked forward to these days the most, so it’s no wonder why we love a place so much.

This year for our Gigi’s birthday, we all decided instead of taking a trip to our favorite place we would recreate it at home.

Yes fresh fried sugar donuts and all (Hope has the recipe coming soon)!


So here are a few tips on how you can create your own buffet at home!

  1. Get all of your buffet sauces ready! Soy sauce, duck sauce, yum yum sauce, etc. Almost all stores carry these sauces and have a large variety of them as well.
  2. Plan your menu and stock up on your favorites. We made sure to have plain white rice, fried rice, sweet and sour chicken (and meatballs!), garlic green beans, beef and broccoli, and FRESH SUGARY FRIED DONUTS (If you don’t know what I mean then you are SERIOUSLYYYY missing out).
  3. Don’t forget the silly things they have at the buffet like cheap pizza (we picked our up for a $1 a pizza 😂), plain chicken nuggets, jello, etc. It adds a quirkyness to it (and makes it feel even more like the restaurant).
  4. Make sure to take a stroll down the frozen food aisle and pick up a few Chinese inspired apps! Egg rolls, crab rangoon, etc. They are usually pretty cheap and a lot easier and less time consuming than trying to make your own!
  5. Last but not least don’t forget to pick up some chopsticks!

We had so much fun celebrating her birthday this way and I think we have found a new tradition!

What are your favorite birthday traditions? Have you ever created a Chinese buffet at home?

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