Target bathing suit must haves!

Anyone else last minute packers for trips? Anyone else forget the most important things you need for a trip when you procrastinate to the last minute? Just me. Ok.

On our trip at the beginning of the month I waited until seriously the last minute (ten minutes before I had to leave), but I was proud of myself because for the first time I made piles of the necessary items all over my living room. I would just put the piles of things in my suitcase when I woke up. Great in theory, terribly executed. I was so tired that I rushed and forgot probably the most important pile. The one containing my bathing suit, flat iron, false eyelashes, heels, and my Ipad. Why all of my most important things were in one pile you may ask? BECAUSE I DIDNT WANT TO FORGET ANY OF IT SO I PUT IT TOGETHER.

To say I was distraught is an understatement but I rolled with the punches and when I got to Florida I took a trip to my second home… TARGET.

To my delight, my sisters also forgot some pretty major things so they tagged along with me. And to make the situation even better… THEY WERE HAVING A SALE ON SWIMSUITS!

I grabbed a super cute mauvish pink one piece (still not super sure if I’m in love with it) and the most fun metallic pink top that I paired with black bikini bottoms.

Hope couldn’t pass up that green suit that you have seen several times on our Insta and Noelle snagged a pink multicolor stripped one piece.

I was planning on sharing about Target swim once it got a little warmer here in Pittsburgh but RIGHT NOW they are having a buy one get one 50% off deal that is too good to pass up.

Here are the ones we got and the ones that are on our wish list this week!

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Florida Getaway Recap| Target swimwear, Sophia tries oysters, and a Sunday Funday to top all Sunday Fundays


Our dad turned 50 at the beginning of the month and he wanted to do a trip to celebrate. We toyed with the idea of heading to seven springs for a ski/snowboard/tubing trip (more like just tubing since we aren’t that coordinated to ski or snowboard). We all were down for it but honestly after thinking on it none of us wanted to spend a winter vacation somewhere cold and snowy.

Next best thing: South Florida.

For those that don’t know, we have family that live near Ft Lauderdale and we used to visit twice a year growing up. Once at Christmas and once in July (when Hope and I would participate in a flag football summer camp… one of my favorite memories). As we all got older and busier it got harder and harder to coordinate times that worked for all of us and for them as well.

Luckily for us, the weekend after my dads birthday we all were free!!!

Hope did some browsing and found super cheap flights and within a few hours our trip was booked!

This was the first time in years that all seven of us (our parents, us, and our little brother) were able to take a vacation together. That alone made this trip special before we even left.


Our flight was around 11 Friday morning and due to our procrastination in packing… we just made our flight. No biggie who wants to sit in an airport for hours. The only thing we wanted was a Bloody Mary to go from Fridays anyways… To our dismay every Friday’s in the airport was closed.

Spirit Airlines to the rescue. Yes Spirit is cheap. Yes the only thing you get when you purchase the ticket is the seat. But… they do offer Bloody Mary’s and a surprisingly good cheese tray (and you got two for $28 so I’d say all was right in the world).



Marshall’s sent us a gift card and we all decided the best thing to do with it is buy an investment piece of luggage. We got this amazing hard case white piece of luggage for only $60!

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When we arrived in Florida we were greeted by our Uncle and cousins and all was right in the world again. Our Uncle’s latest obsession is cooking on a Big Green Egg… Yes I know it sounds weird but it is this smoker/grill that looks like a green egg/lime. Looks crazy but the food was amazing!

We all lounged outside by the pool, soaking up the sun, and attempting to learn gymnastic tricks from our 12 year old cousin (watch our latest YouTube video to see what I mean lol) while he cooked.

We capped off the first day by being joined by our other Uncle and our Aunt Joy who flew in from LA.


Lets just say trying to get 20 people out the door by 10 am for an eight grade confirmation mass is nothing short of crazy. But we did it.

After Mason’s confirmation we made a little visit to our favorite place on earth… TARGET!

Anytime we go literally anywhere on a trip, if there is a Target we are going to make a stop there.

This wasn’t a fully unnecessary stop. I’m an idiot and forgot to bring a bathing suit. To Florida *insert face palm*.

Target to the rescue. I was able to find two that I loved and Hope and Noelle also found a couple too (check out this Mondays blog post to see more!).

After our short trip it was back to the house for another afternoon of pool lounging and relaxation.

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Go big or go home (or go big before you go home lol).

On the last day of our trip the whole gang headed out on the clear blue water and had a boat dance party!

Sunday was supposed to be overcast and rainy and a boat day did not look like it was in the cards. When we woke up however, the skies were clear and it was HOT!

We spent the day dancing, jumping off the boat, lunching on the water (Sophia attempted to try oysters and it was an epic fail lol), and soaking up every last drop of sun.

If you want to see our whole day then watch our video here:


4 Reasons Why Your Sisters Make The Best Valentines


Happy Valentine’s Day!

Instead of sleeping in and spending the day snuggling with Ethan (my fiancé) and our pup Nell, I am spending the day in the airport with Hope. We are on our way home from New Orleans after the most amazing first experience of a true Mardi Gras (more on our trip to come).

Sitting here I can’t help but feel so blessed to have Hope, Noelle, and Sophia in my life. I realized that although I love Ethan tons, these three mean the world and more to me. So I am giving you my four reasons why my sister make the best valentines.

1. No pressure to give elaborate gifts or plan an elaborate dinner

– Just last weekend the four of us spent the day shopping (treating ourselves!) and ended the night visiting our favorite Thai place. It was so relaxing to sit and talk and not have to feel pressure to put some elaborate dinner together or to give hundreds of dollars worth of gifts.

2. They love you no matter what

– I know I know this sounds so cliche but it’s true. At least for the four of us. No matter how many all out throw downs we have, spans where we don’t even want to look in their direction, or mean words shared, you and your sisters share a bond unlike any other. On this trip alone Hope and I got into arguments a dozen times but we let it go. Don’t sweat the small stuff you know.

3. There is no better support than the support of your sister

– Throughout life we are always looking for acceptance and for someone to support you unconditionally. Family, friends, and significant others always say they have your back (and most of the time they 100% do) but I have never felt more supported than when it comes the three of them. I trust their opinion, their advice on the big and little things mean more to me, and I know they aren’t afraid to hurt my feelings and tell me what I’m doing is stupid. They have your back and aren’t afraid to tell the honest truth (no matter how brutal)

4. You can 100% be yourself around them

– I always feel completely relaxed around my sisters which leads to some extremely embarrassing moments. Usually carried with those moments come the horrifically embarrassing and ugly photos (my sisters have an arsenal of them). What makes these embarrassing moments bearable when they are brought up again and again is the crippling laughter that comes from reminiscing. There are days that all my sisters and I do are go through old photos and laugh until we cry.

All in all I am 100% blessed to have the sisters that I have. They are my rocks and I let them know that every chance I get. There is no better feeling in the world than having someone who 100% gets you and is also not afraid to make you realize that you ain’t s*** and that you have to laugh at what life throws at you.

I love you Hope, Noelle, and Sophia ♥️

As always,

Mo ♥️

DIY At Home Chinese Buffet

8D2784EB-5C00-4ED0-A119-93F37A54C673Anyone else massive fans of Chinese buffets? I know I know, they can be super unhealthy and a lot of people have a problem with food sitting out all day and dozens of people hovering over it. I however look past these small hang ups and enjoy all it has to offer. Where else can you get fried rice, pizza, sushi, and soft serve ice cream all in one place? I’ll wait.

I feel like our love for the Chinese buffet stems from our Gigi’s (grandma) love for it. When we were younger we would go to her house, help her with yard work, and be rewarded with $20 and a trip to the buffet.

We looked forward to these days the most, so it’s no wonder why we love a place so much.

This year for our Gigi’s birthday, we all decided instead of taking a trip to our favorite place we would recreate it at home.

Yes fresh fried sugar donuts and all (Hope has the recipe coming soon)!


So here are a few tips on how you can create your own buffet at home!

  1. Get all of your buffet sauces ready! Soy sauce, duck sauce, yum yum sauce, etc. Almost all stores carry these sauces and have a large variety of them as well.
  2. Plan your menu and stock up on your favorites. We made sure to have plain white rice, fried rice, sweet and sour chicken (and meatballs!), garlic green beans, beef and broccoli, and FRESH SUGARY FRIED DONUTS (If you don’t know what I mean then you are SERIOUSLYYYY missing out).
  3. Don’t forget the silly things they have at the buffet like cheap pizza (we picked our up for a $1 a pizza 😂), plain chicken nuggets, jello, etc. It adds a quirkyness to it (and makes it feel even more like the restaurant).
  4. Make sure to take a stroll down the frozen food aisle and pick up a few Chinese inspired apps! Egg rolls, crab rangoon, etc. They are usually pretty cheap and a lot easier and less time consuming than trying to make your own!
  5. Last but not least don’t forget to pick up some chopsticks!

We had so much fun celebrating her birthday this way and I think we have found a new tradition!

What are your favorite birthday traditions? Have you ever created a Chinese buffet at home?

As always,