Romantic White Pumpkin Fall Decor DIY

It is officially my favorite time of the year. The weather, the food, the drinks, the movies, and the DECORATIONS!

I wish I could live in a world where fall was year round (think Halloweentown type of world).

Every year I try to switch up my decorations a little bit and this year I was drawn to white pumpkins and romantic hues (rose gold, dusty rose, etc.). I ran around all of my favorite craft store stomping grounds looking for something that spoke to me. I stumbled down an aisle of Michael’s and it was like the heavens opened up.

I found exactly what I was looking for. One solo white pumpkin and enough dusty rose colored flowers to make any romantic heart happy. To make the whole thing that much better, everything was 40% off.

I was able to make this gorgeous centerpiece for under $20!!!


For this centerpiece you will need:

  • One carvable white pumpkin from any craft store
  • Three small bundles of flowers in your desired colors
  • Rose gold metallic paint
  • Hot glue gun

Here is how I did it…

1| Cut the top off of the pumpkin


2| Paint the top of it rose gold

To achieve the drips on the pumpkin, I took my rose gold craft paint and mixed it with some water so it would run down the sides of the pumpkin when I painted the top. Below is a picture of the exact paint I use for any of my metallic paint needs.


 3| Once the paint is completely dry, I take a hot glue gun and glued each bundle of flowers to the bottom of the pumpkin so they don’t shift around. I had one large bundle of flowers that I glued to the center and then placed the two smaller ones to the side.


There you have it!


Added bonus to the flowers I got was that two of the bundles came with a pine cone, a baby white pumpkin, and the cutest gold gourd. I didn’t have to look for these little additions or pay extra for them!

What are some of your favorite fall decor DIYs?


As always,