How to Care for Your Henna

Two summers ago I taught myself to do basic henna designs and spent days doodling up and down my arm/hand and on my legs. It was so much fun to learn the different techniques and it was so soothing as well (a sort of meditation-y vibe). As the time progressed, I got busier and found little time to continue. This past weekend I attended the Renaissance Festival in Pittsburgh with my fiance’s family and when I came to the henna booth I knew I couldn’t pass it up.


It was so peaceful getting this done and I am obsessed with the artwork so it should come as no shock that I want to keep it intact for as long as possible. I asked the artist what were her tips for caring for your henna so it lasts as long as possible and this is what she told me:

  1. Clean the area you are applying the henna and make sure that it is completely dry.
  2. Apply the henna design and let it dry for 30 min to an hour.
  3. Once dry apply a sugar and lemon mixture to the hand (this helps the design to stay on the area better).
  4. Once the mixture is set, leave the henna paste on your hand for 3-4 hours (wrapped lightly and left on over night will give you the best results!). When you are ready, take the paste off. Your design will initially look lighter. Allow up to 24 hours for your design to look darkest.
  5. She also suggested that anyone who is a hairdresser, bartends, or works in water all day, should apply coconut oil to the henna if it is placed on your hand or lower arm.

If you follow these few steps, your henna has a better chance of lasting longer and keeping its color more uniformly.


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