Bachelorette Party in the Vineyards

To say this past week has been insane would be an understatement!

In the span of seven days I traveled 2 hours north to Erie to celebrate one of my best friend’s bachelorette party (what this post is about), then I came home for a few hours Sunday and at night I hopped into the car with my fiance and his family to head to St. Louis to meet his grandmother, I came home Wednesday around 7 am and then headed to work, and Thursday am I got into the car again and headed to Canton, OH where we watched our uncle become enshrined into the Pro Football Hall of Fame! Whew.

I’ll get to all of these trips one by one and tell you why each was so special and so much fun. Today we are going to start from the beginning and I’m going to tell you all about my trip to the Erie Wine Trail.



My best friends Ashley is getting married this October and for her party she wanted to do something not so crazy and a lot more intimate. We all decided that instead of taking to the city and all the clubs it has to offer, that we would instead drive the two hours to Erie, PA and spend the day at the many wineries it has to offer. This was my first time visiting the wine trail and I was not disappointed in the least bit.


Before  I even start talking about the trip I want to talk all about the shirts! My best friend Nikki and a co-bridesmaid in Ashley’s wedding owns Belle and Whistles, an apparel company that focuses on the sports lover. Her shirts are so cute and comfortable (I am currently wearing one while I type this!). In the last year, people that loved her sports shirts wanted her to help them with shirts for other big life events. Bachelorette parties being the biggest hit! Nikki asks all about the bride and where you are going for the party and creates the perfect shirt. She made wine squad goals shirts for us and everyone stopped and asked about them. If you want to get your own bachelorette shirts then Nikki is definitely your girl.

Back to business…

We got a room at the Holiday Inn Express right at the beginning of the trail and ubered our way down to the first winery, Arundel Cellars!

This was the first one we went to and hands down the best. Not only was the wine excellent, but the staff was so helpful during our tasting and extremely nice while we explored the vineyards on their property! We laughed non stop and may have taken a few too many pictures (don’t worry i’ll spare you all!).


The next winery we visited was Penn Shore Winery.  We opted to do a tasting here too and their staff was young and a ton of fun. We laughed for hours, pretended to be from someplace far away, and even came away with a few souvenirs. As the evening progressed, the winery set up for a live show outside and the place became a mad house! People were coming in from all over and we decided this was the best time to make our exit. It was time for some food!


We headed closer to town and stopped in a sports bar where we pigged out of fries, crab cakes, chicken tenders, and a few vegan options for my bestie Nikki!


We had all intentions of staying up all night and drinking wine until the wee hours of the morning. However, after traveling and drinking wine all day, we passed out by 10 o’clock…

This trip was so much fun in so many ways. We laughed and cried and the friendship between some of my best friends got only closer.

As always,







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