Sophia’s Graduation Party!

After Moriah’s engagement party on Saturday, we all woke up bright and early to do it all over again for my GRADUATION PARTY!!!

The lights, tents, and tables were still set up in my backyard from the night before, but the vibe of my party was totally different (I couldn’t really have a wreath that said “Hellwig” hanging up for my party now could I?).

So here is the run down of my party from the venue to what I wore.

The Venue|

Just like Moriah, I had my party in the backyard of my parent’s house. You seriously cannot beat the big, flat backyard or the deck that my dad has spent the last two months redoing. All of the hanging lights around the yard made it look like a fairy tale towards the end of the party. For my party I set up a few more tables in the yard since mine was more of a sit down meal unlike Moriah’s cocktail event. I still had the few standing cocktail tables under the tent in the driveway, but I moved the drink table from the deck to the driveway (closer to the food) and I set up an even bigger cookie table on the deck (complete with a mini coffee bar!). Hope’s boyfriend Bill also brought over corn hole boards that flaunted my soon to be stomping grounds, PITT!!!


The Decorations|

My decorations were also a little different from Moriah’s. Since the flower arrangements still looked so fresh, I placed them back on the deck and the cocktail tables. I, however, added some centerpieces that I DIYed to the longer, cafeteria style tables. These too were made our of mason jars, but instead of flowers I placed a table number flag, a cute tulle pom pom, a pinwheel, and a picture of me. Each table number represented a school year for me, so the picture I placed in each one was my school picture from that year. For example, table 1 was a picture of me in the first grade. Everyone loved the throwback pictures! I also made a few “2017” centerpieces that I put around on the cocktail tables.

Continuing on the picture train, Moriah made a picture banner that spanned the length of our deck and she added big ballons that read “YAY”.

Up on the deck, I had a table with a giant card that my mom had everyone sign for me at the party and I spread out some of my senior pictures and told my guests to take their favorite one. On the other side of the deck I set up my traditional graduation party photo board table. I put up three photo boards with pictures ranging from when I was teeny tiny to just a few weeks ago at my graduation. Behind the photo boards was the tulle skirt that Moriah and Noelle made for the engagement party the night before, but I added my own twist with huge paper fans, a banner that read “class of 2017”, and yet another photo banner made by Moriah.


The Food|

Unlike Moriah’s party, my menu was a lot more intense. My mom and I decided that we wanted to do a mini meatball bar to start off the buffet, we chose buffalo (chicken meatballs covered in buffalo sauce, Italian (traditional meatballs with marinara sauce), sweet and savory (your normal sweet and sour type meatball), and Asian (my favorite Asian food sauce covering a traditional meatball). We placed some mini-rolls next to the meatballs so that people could make mini meatball subs. Next up was pulled pork, my Gigi’s semi-famous baked beans (ground meat and pineapple are involved!), the fan favorite cheesy potatoes, my Mom’s pasta salad, fruit salads, homemade salsa (HOLY YUM!), and potato salad. THE FOOD WAS AMAZING!!!

For the drinks, my mom made some homemade strawberry lemonade with fresh cut strawberries and then there were several coolers full of sodas, waters, capri suns, and more.

Noelle also killed it again with her hand made, hand painted sugar cookies. This time she went all out and put my face on round cookies (pretty good in my opinion for her first time doing cookie portraits) and she wrote out the Pitt logo on round cookies too. These cookies were gone within an hour of the party starting.


My look|

Since the weather for my party was in the mid-80s, I chose a loose fitting, mid knee dress that I picked up from Target. I chose to keep my hair and makeup pretty simple too with a high bun and a little eye shadow and mascara.



I hope you guys enjoyed this little look into my party. We will be putting up a little video of it later tonight on our youtube.




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