DIY: Hula Hoop Wreath

For my engagement party I wanted to add a few one of a kind decorations to the mix. I searched Pinterest high and low looking at hundreds of pins until I came across the cutest wreaths. Want to know what they were made out of!?!?!


I kid you not. They looked so cute and I knew they were just what I needed. So I headed to the craft store to gather the few materials needed and got to creating.

Here is what you’ll need|


  • One hula hoop
  • A can of spray paint in your desired color
  • Artificial vine with flowers attached (you can also add extra individual flowers like I did for added fullness)
  • Jewelry or floral wire
  • A piece of foam poster board to carve out the name or word you wish
  • A hot glue gun and glue sticks
  • A large piece of glitter craft paper



Hula Hoop Wreath Steps|

  1. First I spray painted the hula hoop with my bright gold spray paint that I picked up from my local craft store.
  2. Once the paint was dry I took my vine and wire and wrapped a little more than half the hoop with the vine. I also added a few extra, big white flowers to make the wreath look fuller.
  3. While I was putting the wreath together, Ethan was writing out my soon to be last name and cutting it out with an exacto knife.
  4. After he was done with the name, I took a glue stick and glued the name to the back of an ultra glittery piece of glitter craft paper. To make sure it really stuck, I then took my hot glue gun to the few places that need a little extra help sticking together. If you did not want to do this step you can always spray paint your name or word.
  5. Once the name was put together, I hot glued the name to the edge of hula hoop (MAKE SURE WHEN YOU ARE CUTTING OUT THE NAME THAT IT IS LARGE ENOUGH TO BE GLUED TO THE SIDES!)
  6. That is it! To hang this wreath up we just placed it on a nail we had on our deck. You can also use twine or a color complimenting string.


I hope you enjoyed this quick little tutorial. You can also head to our youtube channel where I put up the DIY video that accompanies this tutorial!




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