Curly Hair Tutorial

Hey guys!!! This is a step-by-step guide on how I usually do my hair. Since my hair is super curly, this is not your average hair tutorial. I get my fun curls from my mom who happens to be mixed (if you haven’t figured that out yet). Styling curly hair is almost completely different from styling other kind of hair for a number of reasons. 1. curly hair tends to need A LOT more moisturizing. 2. Before putting any kind of product in your hair, it has to be be wet or damp. 3. Curly hair dries different every single time 4. knots, knots, and more knots!!!

Over the years I have developed a routine for my hair that works very well. In learning how to do my hair, I found a chart that showed different types of curly hair:

curly hair chart

For my hair, I am between 3A and 3B, so if yours is similar or if you want to mix up your hair routine follow these steps.

  1. Get your damp to wet. This helps to keep your hair from frizzing. Also, your curls form better ringlets and retain a better shape

I just got out of the shower and wrapped my hair in a microfiber towel, which is                said to be less damaging for your hair and is relatively easy to use.


2. After a few minutes, I unwrap my hair. At this point, it is extremely knotty and a general mess. For instance:


Then I brush my hair out with a bristle brush. Start from the bottom, then slowing work your way up to the top. This is the fastest, easiest, and healthiest way to brush.


3. Once fully brush, apply a small amount of leave-in conditioner around your frizzy areas. For me, I like to put some around the hairline and on the ends of my hair. Any excess conditioner, I apply it to the rest of my hair.

Then I apply a handful of mousse and a small grape-size amount of  curl creme. Make sure you evenly apply throughout hair.

4. Next, I shake my hair a little bit then scrunch it from the bottom-up. This loosens the curls, creates nice ringlets, and gives the hair shape.

5. This step is optional. I usually use a hair dryer when I have more time than I usually do. For this step, I set the hair dryer to warm temperature (not hot and not cold) and then use the light blower setting. Make sure you keep a good distance while blow drying, otherwise you will end up with frizzy hair. You’ll want to do this until your hair is mostly dry, but still a little damp.

6. After blow drying your hair, wait a few minutes and let the rest of your hair air dry. This prevents your hair from turning into a fro. (I usually put my makeup on during this time, or get dressed, etc.)

7. After all your hair is dry, you can either leave it the way it is, or you can take a curling iron/wand and make curls that will frame your face.


Personally, when I don’t curl my hair around the hairline, I have triangular hair. Kind of like this: pyramid (2)

8. Scrunch your hair a few more times and then use a little bit of spray to set your hair. And then your hair is done. Here is the finished product:


I hope you guys liked the tutorial. Knowing how often I switch up my hair routine, I might have to put another tutorial up in a few months. Hopefully this helps those out there who are trying to find a way to where their curls with pride. Let me know what you guys do for your hair and I might try it out.


Love, Noelle xoxo ♥


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