8 Eye Shadow Palletes You Need Right Now!

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If you didn’t know before, we are just a little makeup obsessed over here at Four of a Kind Diaries. While we are usually super busy to sit down and create a bunch of fun looks, we are always scrolling through the home screen of sephora and ulta or checking out the thousands of looks that Instagram has to offer. If you are into makeup as well then you know that this summer quite a few amazing eye shadow palletes graced us with their presence. Below I have listed eight of the dozens that I think deserve the honor of gracing your makeup arsenal.

1| Jaclyn Hill x Morphe


If you are into the makeup community and haven’t heard about this pallete then you must be living under a rock. I don’t say that to be rude but there has been so much hype, controversy, and honest to goodness excitement over it. Jaclyn curated these shades over the last two years to bring her fans her all time favorite shades. And boy did she deliver. The shades are all quite pigmented and go on smoothly. She has already launched this product and has done a relaunch that have both sold out within a few hours. She will be relaunching soon and we will make sure to let you guys know on our Instagram when she does!

Cost: $38 plus shipping


2| Sephora Pro : Editorial Edition


Let me start by saying that my eye looks usually range from super neutral browns to gray smokey looks. I have only added crazy color once or twice, but when I saw this pallete I knew that I needed to step out of my comfort zone. This pallete is perfect for both the seasoned MUA who wants to add to their kit and the amateur who wants to start using color. This offers every bright shade in matte and shimmers and even gives you a decent black and white shade. I am excited to start bringing more color into my looks and this pallete will definitely help.

Cost: $68 but they do offer free shipping


3| Kat Von D Shade and Light Glimmer Eye Contour Pallete


If you are a fan of the Kat Von D Shade and Light Contour kit then you will definitely want to add this to your crew. The Kat Von D crew created an eye contour kit that ranges from cool to warm tones and each shadow builds your look by adding different levels of dimension with each shadow. Definitely a pallete you will want to add if you love the more neutral toned yet still intense eye looks.

Cost: $49 plus shipping


4| Sephora Pro : Warm Eye Shadow Pallete


Much like the editorial sephora pro pallete, this pallete is perfect for both the seasoned MUA and the beginner. This pallete is RIGHT UP MY ALLEY with the warm neutral shades! I saw this and knew I needed to have it. It has a good mix of matte and shimmer shades. The gold tones alone sold me on this pallete. The shadows are also highly pigmented, creamy and super blendable.

Cost: $68 but Sephora does offer free shipping


5| Urban Decay Naked Heat Pallete


I feel like I don’t even need to say much about this pallete because for years Urban Decay has built a cult around the Naked palletes. These shadows definitely do hold up to the hype though. The pallete also comes with a decent shadow brush that not many other brands offer. If you are looking for an every day wear pallete then you will find it here.

Cost: $54 plus shipping


6| Too Faced Glitter Bomb Eye Shadow Collection


When I saw all of my favorite beauty bloggers receive this pallete in their PR boxes I was instantly intrigued. Too Faced launched a pallete of all glitter shades (pinks, purples, gold, gray, and a blue/green) and they switched it up by adding both a brightening base and an intensifying base. In simpler terms a white shadow that you can put down as a base to make the shadows their true pan colors (just a little brighter) and a black shadow that will intensify and darken the shadows on your eye. I wouldn’t suggest this pallete to those who are unsure about colors and shimmer (that’s all you get in this pallete) but I do suggest this to my MUA babes and those who are not afraid to play with color and textures.

Cost: $45 plus shipping


7| Tarte Clay Play Face Shaping Pallete


This pallete is a little different from the other ones because not only does in contain eye shadows but also face powders! Tarte claims that you will be able to contour you eyes, nose, and cheeks with just this one pallete. It contains a total of nine eye shadows and three face powders that are perfect for your whole look. If I can create my whole look with one pallete then we have a winner in my opinion.

Cost: $46 plus shipping


8| Sephora Pro : Cool Eyeshadow pallete



Sephora knew what they were doing when they came out with these palletes. They came out with three different palletes that people are always on the look out for. The totally editorial one, the warm one, and here the cool toned one. I don’t usually reach for my cool toned shadows unless I am getting ready for an event or a night out but with this pallete, I can see myself reaching for the cooler tones a little more. This pallete has a lot more pinkier tones but still has a good mix of mattes and shimmers. Definitely worth the buy for my cool tone lovers.

Cost: $68 plus shipping



Hope you guys enjoyed this little round up of makeup. If you liked this post and want to see more of them then let us know in the comments below or on our Instagram! (@fourofakinddiaries).


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Sophia’s Graduation Party!

After Moriah’s engagement party on Saturday, we all woke up bright and early to do it all over again for my GRADUATION PARTY!!!

The lights, tents, and tables were still set up in my backyard from the night before, but the vibe of my party was totally different (I couldn’t really have a wreath that said “Hellwig” hanging up for my party now could I?).

So here is the run down of my party from the venue to what I wore.

The Venue|

Just like Moriah, I had my party in the backyard of my parent’s house. You seriously cannot beat the big, flat backyard or the deck that my dad has spent the last two months redoing. All of the hanging lights around the yard made it look like a fairy tale towards the end of the party. For my party I set up a few more tables in the yard since mine was more of a sit down meal unlike Moriah’s cocktail event. I still had the few standing cocktail tables under the tent in the driveway, but I moved the drink table from the deck to the driveway (closer to the food) and I set up an even bigger cookie table on the deck (complete with a mini coffee bar!). Hope’s boyfriend Bill also brought over corn hole boards that flaunted my soon to be stomping grounds, PITT!!!


The Decorations|

My decorations were also a little different from Moriah’s. Since the flower arrangements still looked so fresh, I placed them back on the deck and the cocktail tables. I, however, added some centerpieces that I DIYed to the longer, cafeteria style tables. These too were made our of mason jars, but instead of flowers I placed a table number flag, a cute tulle pom pom, a pinwheel, and a picture of me. Each table number represented a school year for me, so the picture I placed in each one was my school picture from that year. For example, table 1 was a picture of me in the first grade. Everyone loved the throwback pictures! I also made a few “2017” centerpieces that I put around on the cocktail tables.

Continuing on the picture train, Moriah made a picture banner that spanned the length of our deck and she added big ballons that read “YAY”.

Up on the deck, I had a table with a giant card that my mom had everyone sign for me at the party and I spread out some of my senior pictures and told my guests to take their favorite one. On the other side of the deck I set up my traditional graduation party photo board table. I put up three photo boards with pictures ranging from when I was teeny tiny to just a few weeks ago at my graduation. Behind the photo boards was the tulle skirt that Moriah and Noelle made for the engagement party the night before, but I added my own twist with huge paper fans, a banner that read “class of 2017”, and yet another photo banner made by Moriah.


The Food|

Unlike Moriah’s party, my menu was a lot more intense. My mom and I decided that we wanted to do a mini meatball bar to start off the buffet, we chose buffalo (chicken meatballs covered in buffalo sauce, Italian (traditional meatballs with marinara sauce), sweet and savory (your normal sweet and sour type meatball), and Asian (my favorite Asian food sauce covering a traditional meatball). We placed some mini-rolls next to the meatballs so that people could make mini meatball subs. Next up was pulled pork, my Gigi’s semi-famous baked beans (ground meat and pineapple are involved!), the fan favorite cheesy potatoes, my Mom’s pasta salad, fruit salads, homemade salsa (HOLY YUM!), and potato salad. THE FOOD WAS AMAZING!!!

For the drinks, my mom made some homemade strawberry lemonade with fresh cut strawberries and then there were several coolers full of sodas, waters, capri suns, and more.

Noelle also killed it again with her hand made, hand painted sugar cookies. This time she went all out and put my face on round cookies (pretty good in my opinion for her first time doing cookie portraits) and she wrote out the Pitt logo on round cookies too. These cookies were gone within an hour of the party starting.


My look|

Since the weather for my party was in the mid-80s, I chose a loose fitting, mid knee dress that I picked up from Target. I chose to keep my hair and makeup pretty simple too with a high bun and a little eye shadow and mascara.



I hope you guys enjoyed this little look into my party. We will be putting up a little video of it later tonight on our youtube.



Mondays with Mo: MY ENGAGEMENT PARTY!!!

So I am well aware that we have been super MIA for the last few weeks but I honestly don’t think I have ever been this busy.

So here is a little update…

  • Hope has been working hard at finishing up our parent’s kitchen remodel (full post coming soon!)
  • Sophia had been planning her graduation party (that was yesterday!) and getting things ready for her official college move in next month!
  • Noelle has been working hard at her summer day job, getting ready for her 21st birthday, and perfecting her sugar cookie recipe and decorations (wait until you see what she came up with for our parties!).
  • Last but not least, I have been burning the midnight oil getting my wedding planning started, creating DIY decorations for my engagement party that happened this weekend, and officially nailing down a wedding date!!!! 8.18.18!!!!

Not to give excuses, but hey life happens and we are finally going to get back into a routine around here.

Without further ado here is a look at my magical engagement party that all came together with the help of my awesome mother and my soon to be mom-in-law.



The Venue|

Although Ethan and I got engaged in October, it took us a few months to decide where we wanted to throw our engagement party. We went back and forth with having it at one of our favorite local breweries, parks, and some of our favorite restaurants. The problem came with being able to do what we wanted within those places. Most places were limited with their options so we found it difficult to make a decision. That was until my Mom suggested that we hold our party in her backyard. DUH! Why didn’t I think of that.

My parent’s backyard is a massive flat yard with a huge deck. Perfect for the cocktail type party we were planning on having. We set up the bar table and desserts on the deck and then we had cocktail tables, long dinner tables, and the food in the yard and in the lower driveway.

In the back of the yard my sweet little brother set up yard games (corn hole, bocci ball, and can jam) for party goers to participate in. My dad and Ethan also set up a little sitting area in the back of the yard where you could sit while waiting your turn. IMG-2856

The food and drinks|

When it came time for food and drinks we had no problem picking what we wanted. A few weeks before the party, Ethan, his parents and my parents sat down to go over what food and drinks we were going to have. Ethan’s dad runs the coolest little Italian restaurant around us and his mom takes catering to the next level. Our menu included:

  • A variety of sushi platters
  • Two different types of paninis
  • Buffalo Chicken Dip
  • Sweet and Sour Meatballs
  • Pittsburgh Popcorn (we got Cajun, Peanut Butter Cup, and Brown Sugar Caramel)
  • Fruit Platter
  • Cheese Platter
  • A whole table of cookies (Cookie tables are a little bit of a tradition here in Pittsburgh for wedding events)
  • The bar included: two types of beer (kegs), pinot grigio and cab, the most amazing mango sangria from one of my bridesmaids (I’ll have to get the recipe from her), soda, water, and sparkling water.


The Decorations|

All of the decorations at our party were made by Ethan’s mom, my mom, or myself (with a little bit of help from Ethan!).

I will have a few DIYs up later this week on how I made them as well.

I originally was planning on making the flower arrangements out of fake flowers from Joann’s and Michaels, but after looking around I decided that I was going to grab a few bouquets from my local grocery store and attempt to make them myself (huge success in my opinion!).

I placed the flowers in smaller mason jars to place on the cocktail tables and the longer tables and then I put larger arrangements in vases that DIYed.

Behind the buffet that held Noelle’s sugar cookies and the popcorn was a tulle skirt that Noelle and I made last second and the cutest wreath ever! Any guesses as to what it is made out of!?!?

If you guessed a hula hoop then you were right!

Ethan and I made this together and it was so easy and fun to make. The whole entire party loved it as well. I will be posting the DIY later for this as well.

Lastly, Ethan’s mom put together the cutest little burlap trees and hung pictures of Ethan and I from the past and present. It was the cutest addition to the tables we had set up at the party.



Our Look|

I originally had a thrifted white cocktail dress picked out for the day, but then I came across the most amazing lace dress at Forever 21. At our Forever 21 store there is a small section of “Web Exclusive” pieces that are usually one of a kind in the store. I was doing one of my usual shopping trips with my sister when I first saw it. I picked it up immediately and was shocked when it was in my size… I almost had a heart attack when I saw that it was only $38!!!! These pieces are always a higher price than the other pieces in the store so the fact that it was so affordable felt like the stars were all aligned.

I paired my dress with a simple pair of slide on sandals from Noelle’s closet.

My makeup was done by my best friend and one of my maid of honors, Liv (@livski_ or @livlovelipstick). To say she totally killed it is an understatement. It was everything I wanted and more. The most magical thing about it was that I didn’t even show here a reference picture or anything and yet she brought my vision to life. I will do a post later this week on the products she used to complete this look!

I did my own hair, but I recently just got a whole redo on my hair at the beginning of the week. I got rid of all of the rest of blonde I had and then I chopped quite a few inches off. My soon to be sis in law (@jackiehead_) made all my hair dreams come to life, per usual.

Ethan gathered his outfit all last minute right before the party started (typical boy!). We stopped at the mall and he went straight to his go to store, H&M. He picked out a pair of tuxedo shorts, a light weight long sleeve shirt that he rolled the sleeves up on, and he finished the look with a pair of white canvas shoes.




All in all I could not have asked for a better day with my favorite people. They made me feel like a queen and made all my engagement party dreams come true.



As always,



DIY: Hula Hoop Wreath

For my engagement party I wanted to add a few one of a kind decorations to the mix. I searched Pinterest high and low looking at hundreds of pins until I came across the cutest wreaths. Want to know what they were made out of!?!?!


I kid you not. They looked so cute and I knew they were just what I needed. So I headed to the craft store to gather the few materials needed and got to creating.

Here is what you’ll need|


  • One hula hoop
  • A can of spray paint in your desired color
  • Artificial vine with flowers attached (you can also add extra individual flowers like I did for added fullness)
  • Jewelry or floral wire
  • A piece of foam poster board to carve out the name or word you wish
  • A hot glue gun and glue sticks
  • A large piece of glitter craft paper



Hula Hoop Wreath Steps|

  1. First I spray painted the hula hoop with my bright gold spray paint that I picked up from my local craft store.
  2. Once the paint was dry I took my vine and wire and wrapped a little more than half the hoop with the vine. I also added a few extra, big white flowers to make the wreath look fuller.
  3. While I was putting the wreath together, Ethan was writing out my soon to be last name and cutting it out with an exacto knife.
  4. After he was done with the name, I took a glue stick and glued the name to the back of an ultra glittery piece of glitter craft paper. To make sure it really stuck, I then took my hot glue gun to the few places that need a little extra help sticking together. If you did not want to do this step you can always spray paint your name or word.
  5. Once the name was put together, I hot glued the name to the edge of hula hoop (MAKE SURE WHEN YOU ARE CUTTING OUT THE NAME THAT IT IS LARGE ENOUGH TO BE GLUED TO THE SIDES!)
  6. That is it! To hang this wreath up we just placed it on a nail we had on our deck. You can also use twine or a color complimenting string.


I hope you enjoyed this quick little tutorial. You can also head to our youtube channel where I put up the DIY video that accompanies this tutorial!




As always,