Luxury vs. Steal: Shoe Edition

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If you’re like me then you love a good shoe. In a perfect world we would own every shoe that lights up our eyes. The only problem with this is when you fall so in love with a shoe and then see that $1,300 price tag. *cue the tears*

In our few short months of blogging we have come across some amazing dupes for those higher priced items. Here is our first installment of “Luxury vs. Steal”.

Luxury vs. Steal: Shoe Edition

1| Target Lulu Heels vs. Steve Madden Carrson Heels


Not every luxury vs. steal in this post is hundreds of dollars off. Sometimes they are only a $60 difference. For the first set we have these Target Lulu Heels which run you $30 and their counterpart Steve Madden Carrson Heels which are a little steeper at $90. Both are great buys in my opinion. If you have read some of our previous posts then you would have seen that I own the Target version of these and I plan on purchasing the Carrson heels for my bridal shower. Both pairs come in several must have colors.

Amazon has a huge selection of the Steve Madden shoes for as low as $62.99!!!

2| Target vs. Steve MaddenIMG_2063

And here we have another Steve Madden and Target showdown. Unlike the first pair, these two are not as perfectly identical. The “steal” pair are from Target and run you $50 while the more “luxurious” pair come from Steve Madden and cost $130. Both come in similar colors and honestly I think both are worth becoming members of your shoe family. The Target pair have a very intense gladiator vibe while the Steve Madden pair are more simple with a lot less rope.

3| Steve vs. StuartIMG_2066

The price range between the next two shoes is just a “little” different than the previous. For this we are comparing the Steve Madden Glamour Pearl Embellished Sneakers ($89 at Macy’s) and Stuart Weitzman’s “Decor Sneaker” which will have you dropping…. *wait for it*… $498…. Yes you read that right. While I would love to be rocking around $500 shoes to Trader Joes, I think I will settle for the equally cute Steve Maddens.

You can also pick these up at Amazon for around $75!

4| It’s all GucciIMG_2083

When I first saw these plastered all over my Instagram page I was immediately captivated. They are the “mullet” of shoes. Business in the front, party in the back. Instant fan over here. When I did my initial research I saw that these shoes would be just a dream since they are a solid $1,000 (not in the budget… thanks wedding planning…). But after looking around for a bit I saw that I had some options. A lot of designers were picking up on the trend and coming out with their own versions of this dream combo. My favorite came from once again Steve Madden (I may have a girl crush on his brand but that’s besides the point…) and they only cost $90! Definitely a much prettier price than the Gucci ones. So for now they will stay just a pretty pin on our Pinterest board.


Here’s a few of the many luxury vs. steals that we have coming for you so check back next Tuesday Shoesday for more!

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