5 Websites You Need For Your Wedding

Hi guys!

Another Monday is here and I am hitting it head on and trying to nail down some wedding plans. Before I got engaged (read my engagement story here!), I thought planning a wedding was picking a venue, buying a dress, and choosing a cake. How wrong I was. I never really thought of all of the other little things it took.

After being initially overwhelmed, I got really excited to tackle all of the details (both big and little). Now for the big obstacle… Where to start. I want my wedding to be unique and was struggling with how to do that.

In my one visit to a bridal shop in my area I looked at bridesmaids dresses and accessories and was not the biggest fan of what they had to offer. The dresses had no character and in my opinion kind of all looked the same. When I looked for decorations that matched the theme I had going on in my head, I hit yet another dead end. So I took to the internet and soon found exactly what I was looking for.

Below I am sharing the five websites that have helped me immensely in my wedding planning journey!

1| Azazie


This site has honestly been a god send to me. Like I said before I was unhappy with the bridesmaid dresses I was finding and I wanted something different. Here was my something different. Azazie has SO MANY OPTIONS! Not only do they have endless style options (long, short, long sleeve, strapless, etc.) they also have endless color options. My colors are mauve and burgundy and Azazie had the exact match.

Here are a few perks to the site besides their vast inventory:

  • Color swatches FullSizeRender(173)FullSizeRender(172)

Perfect for making sure everything matches, helps with picking out the linens, and perfect to add to your bridesmaids proposal boxes so that your ladies know exactly what color they will be wearing.

  • Renting your dress

One thing that sets Azazie far apart from the rest of the sites I have stumble across was the fact that they let you rent your dress before buying it. Yes, for just $10 you or your bridesmaids can rent the dress of their choice and try it on before committing to it.

  • Low Prices

To sweeten the deal, all of the bridesmaid dresses on the site are about $150 and below. So your girls won’t have to break the bank to be part of your big day.

BONUS: They also have cute wedding dresses which are also super affordable!

2| Etsy


This should be no surprise here. Etsy has close to 2 million listing for your wedding needs. The only problem that you may run across is that there are SO MANY options. Searching for wedding signs will bring up 100,000 options, but searching wooden calligraphy signs will give you a lot less and will make your life easier. So the key to all of this is to search specifically.

3| Amazon


You come to Amazon for all of your other needs so why not for the biggest day of your life. Amazon, just like Etsy, has endless options for your wedding. I am using Amazon for a lot of my centerpieces (endless flower options and mason jars!) and for the flowers that I am putting up everywhere around the barn.

4| Oriental Trading


Growing up, my mom used to get Oriental Trading catalogs in the mail all the time. While I was only about ten years old, I would always flip through the pages and circle the things I wanted. Now that I am an adult I am going back to them to find a lot of things for my wedding. They have super affordable favors, platters for my cookie table, and things to add to my centerpieces. Like with Amazon and Etsy, it does take a lot of searching to find the good stuff.

5| Flower Sites


I’m all about being the DIY bride and I am always on the look out for sites that help me do that. Look no further than these two sites. They have a vast inventory of flowers that you can put together yourself. You buy the bundle and put them together any way your heart desires. These are only two of the dozens of sites that offer a similar service. Kukka not only offers bouquets, but also centerpieces.


I hope that this helps you with starting your wedding planning. Do you guys have any sites that I should check out for my wedding? I am always up for suggestions!

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