Self Tanning Face Mask?!

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Yes.. You read that right. A self tanning face mask has finally been brought to us beauty lovers.

While I have not been a self tanning lover for long, in the last few months I have jumped on the bandwagon and have become quickly hooked. With my super busy schedule it is significantly harder to spend three days in a row at the pool to get my bronzed glow like I used to. Instead I am left lathering up my legs and arms with any and every type of self tanner (no complaints here since it is much better than exposing your skin to the sun for long periods of time, but I could do without the oompa loompa stained hands…).

Last week while I was doing my morning routine (pretending I don’t have to get out of bed and instead scrolling through Instagram…), I came across one of my favorite beauty bloggers unboxing some packages. The one product that stuck out to me from the dozens of others was this St. Tropez Bronzing Face Sheet Mask.

Like most products that these beauty gods and goddesses receive, I assumed that I would have to wait to try this out myself. To my pleasant surprise, when I visited Ulta yesterday they were fully stocked!

Below is a little run down on this marvelous little invention and how it worked for me.



The Run Down| So for starters, this is what the face mask looks like when you open it up. It is similar to many other sheet masks, where the mask is attached to an applicator that makes the process ten times easier.

I’m not really sure what I expected, but I surely did not expect the tanner to be clear. I thought it would look like there was tanner on the mask, but the product was completely colorless. The mask also smelled amazing to boot.


Taking a look at the back, it gives you very detailed and simple instructions on how to use this mask (cleanse your face, apply, leave on for desired time, make sure you rub the product in, wash your hands, the works). It also tells you how long you should leave it on for your desired shade. Leave it on for 5 minutes and you get a nice, light tan. Leave it on for 10 minutes and you get a medium tan. Leave it on for the full 15 minutes (it clearly states you should not leave it on any longer than that) and you will get a dark tan.

Since my face tan faded drastically after Mexico while the rest of my body stayed goden, I decided I was going all the way. 15 minutes it was.

How it worked for me| I studied the directions and started by cleansing my face. I did not do my full night time skin care routine the night before, so my face needed a little more help than a simple little face wash. I opted to use my new Formula 10.0.6 mask that I picked up from Ulta with the tanning mask.


I let the mask sit for the recommended fifteen minutes and the I had the fresh face needed.


Don’t mind the eyebrows and nails that are in dire need for some help.

Ready for the magic!


Like I said before, I was hoping for the darkest tan possible from this so I left it on for the full 15 minutes.

AND here are my results immediately after taking the mask off.


The instant results included: a slight difference in color (nothing drastic at all), a healthy glow, and a face that felt like it went through a luxury facial.

I decided that I was going to give it a whole day to see the full results of this mask and this is what the end results were (a full 24 hours after I first applied the mask).




What do you guys think of this mask? Do you think it is a must for your self tanning needs?

As always,


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