Taco Tuesday Called… Condado Taco Answered

If you’re like me then nothing in life makes you happier than a good taco. I mean isn’t that what Tuesdays are for?!

This weeks tacos however came last night when Ethan, some of our best friends, and I visited a newer taco joint on Penn Ave. in the heart of Pittsburgh, Condado Taco.

Anytime someone tells me of a new place to get tacos I seriously jump for joy both on the inside and on the outside. Condado is definitely a place you should be jumping for joy over. IT WAS EVERYTHING!!!

So here is a little run down of Condado and why they rank as one of the best in Pittsburgh.

The Decor.

Walking into Condado, that sits on tenth avenue right behind Ten Penny, the first thing you notice is the paintings/murals everywhere. Every inch of the place is painted with different skulls, cacti, nachos trying to survive a nacho volcano eruption, and so on. Your eyes are fed before you even look at a menu.


The Drinks.

After you look around at all of the cool artwork and you sit at your table, it is time to pick a drink. Condado does not lack in their offerings in the least bit. A full menu of margs, mojitos, beer, micheladas, and enough tequila to make your little heart happy. We chose to get a pitcher of Kahlo, a mix of margs and mojitos. So refreshing!


The Food.

Now to my favorite part, the food! Just like most other taco places I have had the pleasure of eating at, Condado has a limited menu that packs a punch. They had a small appetizer menu that included a few salsa, quesos, and quacs. They also had a pick three option so that you could try a little bit of everything. We chose this option and got two queso and a quac and our waitress was so nice and gave us two complimentary salsas. Each one was sooo good. We chose a pineapple quac that was a perfect mix of sweet and savory and was probably my favorite out of them all.

After we were done with the trio, we dove straight in on the tacos. The taco menu was very reminiscent of the Burgatory menu. If you are unfamiliar with Burgatory, it is a burger joint where you can either pick one of their popular burgers or you can create your own off of a list. At Condado they had a list of nine tacos with one nacho and then they had a long list of ingredients that you can choose from to create your own. I was not creative enough to think up one of my own, and honestly after reading their taco menu why would I? Their taco choices were out of this world. It was also nice that they had an equal amount of tacos for the carnivore and for your vegetarian friends.

I chose the Bubba Kush (a pulled pork taco), the El Santo (a chicken taco), and the Surf ‘n’ Turf (the name says it all, a steak taco with shrimp ceviche on top).

I could not have been happier with my decisions. Each one was wrapped in a specialty shell (hard and soft shells with either quac, BACON refried beans, or queso holding the two together).

What I loved the most about these tacos and that made them stand out among their local “competition” is that you honestly get so much bang for your buck. These tacos run you anywhere from $3 to $6 and they are HUGE! Most plays that I have been to in the area give you bite sized tacos or “street tacos” for the same price. Not at Condado. I felt like I was eating mini burritos. Safe to say that I had to employ the help of Ethan to finish them all.


While I cannot say that Condado is the best taco place in the ‘Burgh, I can say that is the best taco that I have tried so far in the city.

IF you are from the area I definitely encourage you to try this place out. You will not regret your decision in the slightest bit.

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