Memorial Day at Cook’s Forest

Hi guys!

I hope you all are enjoying your weekends so far! Today I want to recap my Memorial Day weekend.

Every year Ethan and I visit different state parks on the holiday weekend, this year we traveled to Clarion, PA to Cook’s Forest. This was my first time here and it was gorgeous. We decided that we were going to go kayaking (my first time ever yikes!). We were hoping to go on a ten mile excursion but since the water was so high from the previous night’s rainstorm, we were only able to do four. Which was a blessing in disguise because kayaking is quite the arm workout…


I loved it so much. It was so relaxing floating down the river being able to truly step away from reality for a bit.

When we were done we decided to explore the park a little bit more. We found ourselves at an old forest firehouse deep in the woods. This structure was massive! From the ground I was pretty pumped to climb it, but as I went up and the stairs started to shake and the landings got thinner and thinner my excitement started to dwindle. It was pretty scary actually, but when I made it to the top (well close to the top) the view was worth every stair climbed. You could see the whole park!



After that little adventure, we loaded back in the car and drove to Slippery Rock to dine at a funky little brewery, North Country. I have never been before, but Ethan and his dad had and they raved about the food. They were not wrong.

We walked into the brewery and it was so eclectically decorated. It looked like a log cabin and had signs plastered everywhere and so many knick knacks that made it feel like you were eating at your great grandmother’s house.

We opted to sit outside in their backyard patio area. The outside’s decoration was not much different from the insides. Once outside I felt like I stepped onto the set of one of the Hobbit movies (one of my favorite movies). There was ivy everywhere, large wooden tables, little woodland creature statues littering the fireplace mantels. It was truly an experience.


For lunch we chose fried green beans and buffalo chicken dip for an appetizer. After that I ate the most delicious crab cake burger and Ethan picked their golden barbecue pulled pork (shocker!).


Here’s is our latest vlog on my day trip! Make sure to subscribe so you don’t miss any of our vlogs!

Memorial Day Vlog

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