Luxury vs. Steal: Shoe Edition

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If you’re like me then you love a good shoe. In a perfect world we would own every shoe that lights up our eyes. The only problem with this is when you fall so in love with a shoe and then see that $1,300 price tag. *cue the tears*

In our few short months of blogging we have come across some amazing dupes for those higher priced items. Here is our first installment of “Luxury vs. Steal”.

Luxury vs. Steal: Shoe Edition

1| Target Lulu Heels vs. Steve Madden Carrson Heels


Not every luxury vs. steal in this post is hundreds of dollars off. Sometimes they are only a $60 difference. For the first set we have these Target Lulu Heels which run you $30 and their counterpart Steve Madden Carrson Heels which are a little steeper at $90. Both are great buys in my opinion. If you have read some of our previous posts then you would have seen that I own the Target version of these and I plan on purchasing the Carrson heels for my bridal shower. Both pairs come in several must have colors.

Amazon has a huge selection of the Steve Madden shoes for as low as $62.99!!!

2| Target vs. Steve MaddenIMG_2063

And here we have another Steve Madden and Target showdown. Unlike the first pair, these two are not as perfectly identical. The “steal” pair are from Target and run you $50 while the more “luxurious” pair come from Steve Madden and cost $130. Both come in similar colors and honestly I think both are worth becoming members of your shoe family. The Target pair have a very intense gladiator vibe while the Steve Madden pair are more simple with a lot less rope.

3| Steve vs. StuartIMG_2066

The price range between the next two shoes is just a “little” different than the previous. For this we are comparing the Steve Madden Glamour Pearl Embellished Sneakers ($89 at Macy’s) and Stuart Weitzman’s “Decor Sneaker” which will have you dropping…. *wait for it*… $498…. Yes you read that right. While I would love to be rocking around $500 shoes to Trader Joes, I think I will settle for the equally cute Steve Maddens.

You can also pick these up at Amazon for around $75!

4| It’s all GucciIMG_2083

When I first saw these plastered all over my Instagram page I was immediately captivated. They are the “mullet” of shoes. Business in the front, party in the back. Instant fan over here. When I did my initial research I saw that these shoes would be just a dream since they are a solid $1,000 (not in the budget… thanks wedding planning…). But after looking around for a bit I saw that I had some options. A lot of designers were picking up on the trend and coming out with their own versions of this dream combo. My favorite came from once again Steve Madden (I may have a girl crush on his brand but that’s besides the point…) and they only cost $90! Definitely a much prettier price than the Gucci ones. So for now they will stay just a pretty pin on our Pinterest board.


Here’s a few of the many luxury vs. steals that we have coming for you so check back next Tuesday Shoesday for more!

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5 Websites You Need For Your Wedding

Hi guys!

Another Monday is here and I am hitting it head on and trying to nail down some wedding plans. Before I got engaged (read my engagement story here!), I thought planning a wedding was picking a venue, buying a dress, and choosing a cake. How wrong I was. I never really thought of all of the other little things it took.

After being initially overwhelmed, I got really excited to tackle all of the details (both big and little). Now for the big obstacle… Where to start. I want my wedding to be unique and was struggling with how to do that.

In my one visit to a bridal shop in my area I looked at bridesmaids dresses and accessories and was not the biggest fan of what they had to offer. The dresses had no character and in my opinion kind of all looked the same. When I looked for decorations that matched the theme I had going on in my head, I hit yet another dead end. So I took to the internet and soon found exactly what I was looking for.

Below I am sharing the five websites that have helped me immensely in my wedding planning journey!

1| Azazie


This site has honestly been a god send to me. Like I said before I was unhappy with the bridesmaid dresses I was finding and I wanted something different. Here was my something different. Azazie has SO MANY OPTIONS! Not only do they have endless style options (long, short, long sleeve, strapless, etc.) they also have endless color options. My colors are mauve and burgundy and Azazie had the exact match.

Here are a few perks to the site besides their vast inventory:

  • Color swatches FullSizeRender(173)FullSizeRender(172)

Perfect for making sure everything matches, helps with picking out the linens, and perfect to add to your bridesmaids proposal boxes so that your ladies know exactly what color they will be wearing.

  • Renting your dress

One thing that sets Azazie far apart from the rest of the sites I have stumble across was the fact that they let you rent your dress before buying it. Yes, for just $10 you or your bridesmaids can rent the dress of their choice and try it on before committing to it.

  • Low Prices

To sweeten the deal, all of the bridesmaid dresses on the site are about $150 and below. So your girls won’t have to break the bank to be part of your big day.

BONUS: They also have cute wedding dresses which are also super affordable!

2| Etsy


This should be no surprise here. Etsy has close to 2 million listing for your wedding needs. The only problem that you may run across is that there are SO MANY options. Searching for wedding signs will bring up 100,000 options, but searching wooden calligraphy signs will give you a lot less and will make your life easier. So the key to all of this is to search specifically.

3| Amazon


You come to Amazon for all of your other needs so why not for the biggest day of your life. Amazon, just like Etsy, has endless options for your wedding. I am using Amazon for a lot of my centerpieces (endless flower options and mason jars!) and for the flowers that I am putting up everywhere around the barn.

4| Oriental Trading


Growing up, my mom used to get Oriental Trading catalogs in the mail all the time. While I was only about ten years old, I would always flip through the pages and circle the things I wanted. Now that I am an adult I am going back to them to find a lot of things for my wedding. They have super affordable favors, platters for my cookie table, and things to add to my centerpieces. Like with Amazon and Etsy, it does take a lot of searching to find the good stuff.

5| Flower Sites


I’m all about being the DIY bride and I am always on the look out for sites that help me do that. Look no further than these two sites. They have a vast inventory of flowers that you can put together yourself. You buy the bundle and put them together any way your heart desires. These are only two of the dozens of sites that offer a similar service. Kukka not only offers bouquets, but also centerpieces.


I hope that this helps you with starting your wedding planning. Do you guys have any sites that I should check out for my wedding? I am always up for suggestions!

As always,





Self Tanning Face Mask?!

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Yes.. You read that right. A self tanning face mask has finally been brought to us beauty lovers.

While I have not been a self tanning lover for long, in the last few months I have jumped on the bandwagon and have become quickly hooked. With my super busy schedule it is significantly harder to spend three days in a row at the pool to get my bronzed glow like I used to. Instead I am left lathering up my legs and arms with any and every type of self tanner (no complaints here since it is much better than exposing your skin to the sun for long periods of time, but I could do without the oompa loompa stained hands…).

Last week while I was doing my morning routine (pretending I don’t have to get out of bed and instead scrolling through Instagram…), I came across one of my favorite beauty bloggers unboxing some packages. The one product that stuck out to me from the dozens of others was this St. Tropez Bronzing Face Sheet Mask.

Like most products that these beauty gods and goddesses receive, I assumed that I would have to wait to try this out myself. To my pleasant surprise, when I visited Ulta yesterday they were fully stocked!

Below is a little run down on this marvelous little invention and how it worked for me.



The Run Down| So for starters, this is what the face mask looks like when you open it up. It is similar to many other sheet masks, where the mask is attached to an applicator that makes the process ten times easier.

I’m not really sure what I expected, but I surely did not expect the tanner to be clear. I thought it would look like there was tanner on the mask, but the product was completely colorless. The mask also smelled amazing to boot.


Taking a look at the back, it gives you very detailed and simple instructions on how to use this mask (cleanse your face, apply, leave on for desired time, make sure you rub the product in, wash your hands, the works). It also tells you how long you should leave it on for your desired shade. Leave it on for 5 minutes and you get a nice, light tan. Leave it on for 10 minutes and you get a medium tan. Leave it on for the full 15 minutes (it clearly states you should not leave it on any longer than that) and you will get a dark tan.

Since my face tan faded drastically after Mexico while the rest of my body stayed goden, I decided I was going all the way. 15 minutes it was.

How it worked for me| I studied the directions and started by cleansing my face. I did not do my full night time skin care routine the night before, so my face needed a little more help than a simple little face wash. I opted to use my new Formula 10.0.6 mask that I picked up from Ulta with the tanning mask.


I let the mask sit for the recommended fifteen minutes and the I had the fresh face needed.


Don’t mind the eyebrows and nails that are in dire need for some help.

Ready for the magic!


Like I said before, I was hoping for the darkest tan possible from this so I left it on for the full 15 minutes.

AND here are my results immediately after taking the mask off.


The instant results included: a slight difference in color (nothing drastic at all), a healthy glow, and a face that felt like it went through a luxury facial.

I decided that I was going to give it a whole day to see the full results of this mask and this is what the end results were (a full 24 hours after I first applied the mask).




What do you guys think of this mask? Do you think it is a must for your self tanning needs?

As always,


Want to shop similar products to the ones mentioned above? Follow these links to get your hands on my favorite beauty products.


Formula 10.0.6 Mask Set

st tropez

St. Tropez Self Tanner

st tropez2

St. Tropez Untinted Face Lotion



Taco Tuesday Called… Condado Taco Answered

If you’re like me then nothing in life makes you happier than a good taco. I mean isn’t that what Tuesdays are for?!

This weeks tacos however came last night when Ethan, some of our best friends, and I visited a newer taco joint on Penn Ave. in the heart of Pittsburgh, Condado Taco.

Anytime someone tells me of a new place to get tacos I seriously jump for joy both on the inside and on the outside. Condado is definitely a place you should be jumping for joy over. IT WAS EVERYTHING!!!

So here is a little run down of Condado and why they rank as one of the best in Pittsburgh.

The Decor.

Walking into Condado, that sits on tenth avenue right behind Ten Penny, the first thing you notice is the paintings/murals everywhere. Every inch of the place is painted with different skulls, cacti, nachos trying to survive a nacho volcano eruption, and so on. Your eyes are fed before you even look at a menu.


The Drinks.

After you look around at all of the cool artwork and you sit at your table, it is time to pick a drink. Condado does not lack in their offerings in the least bit. A full menu of margs, mojitos, beer, micheladas, and enough tequila to make your little heart happy. We chose to get a pitcher of Kahlo, a mix of margs and mojitos. So refreshing!


The Food.

Now to my favorite part, the food! Just like most other taco places I have had the pleasure of eating at, Condado has a limited menu that packs a punch. They had a small appetizer menu that included a few salsa, quesos, and quacs. They also had a pick three option so that you could try a little bit of everything. We chose this option and got two queso and a quac and our waitress was so nice and gave us two complimentary salsas. Each one was sooo good. We chose a pineapple quac that was a perfect mix of sweet and savory and was probably my favorite out of them all.

After we were done with the trio, we dove straight in on the tacos. The taco menu was very reminiscent of the Burgatory menu. If you are unfamiliar with Burgatory, it is a burger joint where you can either pick one of their popular burgers or you can create your own off of a list. At Condado they had a list of nine tacos with one nacho and then they had a long list of ingredients that you can choose from to create your own. I was not creative enough to think up one of my own, and honestly after reading their taco menu why would I? Their taco choices were out of this world. It was also nice that they had an equal amount of tacos for the carnivore and for your vegetarian friends.

I chose the Bubba Kush (a pulled pork taco), the El Santo (a chicken taco), and the Surf ‘n’ Turf (the name says it all, a steak taco with shrimp ceviche on top).

I could not have been happier with my decisions. Each one was wrapped in a specialty shell (hard and soft shells with either quac, BACON refried beans, or queso holding the two together).

What I loved the most about these tacos and that made them stand out among their local “competition” is that you honestly get so much bang for your buck. These tacos run you anywhere from $3 to $6 and they are HUGE! Most plays that I have been to in the area give you bite sized tacos or “street tacos” for the same price. Not at Condado. I felt like I was eating mini burritos. Safe to say that I had to employ the help of Ethan to finish them all.


While I cannot say that Condado is the best taco place in the ‘Burgh, I can say that is the best taco that I have tried so far in the city.

IF you are from the area I definitely encourage you to try this place out. You will not regret your decision in the slightest bit.

As always,


The Perfect Stripes for the Fourth of July

Whether we like it or not, summer is in full swing and the fourth is quickly approaching. While we were out the other day, Noelle, Sophia, and I were on the hunt for the perfect Fourth of July outfit (if you follow us on Instagram @fourofakinddiaries and watched our story then you saw me try one a few of them). I saw a common theme happening in every store we visited… STRIPES!

It seemed like every red, white, and blue article of clothing contained some sort of stripe. Whether it was wide, thin, vertical, or horizontal. They were everywhere. I tried on a few different styles and was shocked at how much they grew on me. I quickly fell in love with the look of them.

With that being said, I decided to share with you guys a few striped looks that would be perfect for your Fourth of July attire. The red and cream striped skirt below is the one I bought to wear!

Stripes for the Fourth

1♦ The Striped Romper


The Wide Stripe Romper

I found this romper while I was browsing Forever 21’s website. I think it is perfect for a night of watching fireworks! The two color options are red/cream and navy/cream which are the perfect combos for the holiday. And for $15.90 you can not beat it!!!

2♦ The Kardashian inspired look

Kourtney K Inspired Shirt Dress

This is one of the outfits that I tried on in store the other day. As soon as I put it on I instantly felt like Kourtney K rocking her pajama shirt fit around town. This dress is super light weight and would look perfect on its own with a slip under it or paired with your favorite pair of jean shorts. The $24.90 price tag was even more appealing.

3♦ My Favorite OTS Top

The Ultimate Striped OTS Top

When I stumbled upon this shirt the other day I couldn’t help but have it. OTS, bell sleeve, casual, and colorful. Everything one needs in life IMO (in my opinion!). I love this shirt even more because it goes beyond holiday attire. The lilac and coral color add extra pizazz and can transition into end of the summer looks. To make the deal even sweeter, this top only runs you $17.90!

4♦ The Striped Skirt and Crop Top Combo

My Fourth of July Choice

Last but certainly not least we have the outfit that I chose! I saw this skirt in store and was instantly drawn to it. When I found a dark navy OTS crop top to pair with it, I was sold! This skirt fits like a dream. While there are buttons down the whole front of it, there is also an elastic band in the back that makes it a breeze to get one (no you don’t have to unbutton and rebutton them each time). This skirt can also be worn at your hips or high waisted. It is so versatile and definitely one that I will be wearing non stop this summer. The skirt only ran me $17.90 and the crop top that I chose from Forever 21 as well only cost me $8.90!

Stay tuned for my final look with this skirt in the next two weeks!

I hope you guys found these looks cute and helpful in your endeavor to find the best fourth of july looks.

As always,



Mondays with Mo: Life Update!

Happy Monday guys!

This week I had a few things planned to talk about but when I woke up today I just wasn’t feeling inspired by any of it. So I decided why not give you guys a little life update.

As most of you know, a few weeks ago I traveled to Mexico for a beautiful wedding. Since I’ve gotten back it has taken me some time to get back into my routine. But getting back into a routine is a must (especially since wedding planning is in full force!). So here is what is going on…

Wedding Life: Ethan and I visited our wedding venue for the first time last week and to say it was love at first sight is an understatement. It is everything we have dreamed of and more.


So excited for all of the lights in here!


The cocktail hour area might have been what sold us!
My cousins own this barn and they are also florist so the whole place is covered in the most immaculate greenery
Where I will say I do!


I clearly was super excited about my wedding but now that I saw where it will go down I am 400% more excited. The ideas have been non stop flowing since the visit (a whole floor of the barn is going to be dedicated to a cookie table and a coffee bar, food trucks set up outside, yard games set up outside of the cocktail hour area, the list goes on and on).

My engagement party is scheduled for the middle of July so in the next few weeks I will be finishing up my bridesmaid proposal boxes, finding a back up dress for the party (I have one but have yet to try it on so we shall see how that goes…), making some arrangements for the party (I found these amazing plastic round vases that I will be covering in leather so stay tuned for the DIY on that one), and testing out some cookie recipes with Noelle.

After I “propose” to my girls, I will show you guys what I put in the boxes and where I got it all from (THANK YOU ETSY!).

Born To Be Designs: If you guys didn’t know, outside of Four of a Kind I own a handmade online jewelry boutique. It’s third birthday is coming up this July and if I am being honest I have not dedicated nearly enough time to it. I love doing it but I got worn down fast with all the things that go into starting up your own brand. In the last month I have taken a real step back, have written down all of my goals for BTB, and where I want it to be in the next few years. It has made me excited to jump back into it and to work my butt off to make it a success.

Four of a Kind: Last but not least… THE BLOG! I have had the best time of my life in the last few months since the blog has been around. I love every minute of it. It has made me excited to go out and explore new things, meet new people, learn new things about making my own website, taking so many photos and videos and being able to put them together for YouTube. I have high hopes for what is to come for my sisters and I. With that being said, I am spending the rest of my day creating content for the rest of the month and setting up some photo shoot days for us.

I hope I didn’t bore you guys too much with my little life and business update. I hope you guys enjoy the rest of the start of your week and that you’ll enjoy what is to come!

As always,


The Best Gifts for the Grads in Your Life

‘Tis the season for graduations and graduation gifts. While it is easy to throw cash into an envelope and call it a day, I always love to give a gift that the grad will remember forever.

Sophia just graduated this past weekend and her graduation party is coming up next month which means it is time to brainstorm the best gift for her. Below are a few unique ideas for gifts to give to the grads in your life this year.


1♦ A Gift Card Wreath

While cash is always a nice gift, it is also nice (and much appreciated) when you receive gift cards to your favorite restaurants. This comes in extra handy when your grad is going from high school to college and they want to eat somewhere that is outside of their meal plan (cafeteria food gets old fast… trust me). You don’t have to drop a lot on this either. Give a $10 gift card to Subway, Pizza Hut, and Starbucks mixed with a few $5 gift cards to Wendy’s, Burger King, or McDonalds ($1 menus for the win!). Your grad will be forever grateful.

To assemble this wreath cut a circle out of a poster board and use double sided tape to fix the gift cards to it. If you want to get a little extra with it, make a few dollar bill flowers and place them between the gift cards.

Here are a few examples that I found on Pinterest.


Graduation Gift Ideas | Eighteen25:
Cute Gift Idea-Make a festive wreath and fill it with gift cards!:

2♦ Everything Laundry Basket

I was truly blessed in college to never have to worry about heading to the laundromat since I commuted from home. Some other grads are not so lucky and can’t count on mom to do their laundry once they start school. So why not help them out a little with a fully loaded laundry basket. Here is what I would add that would help out more than you know:

  • A laundry basket
  • A laundry bag
  • Laundry detergent
  • Fabric softners
  • Scent boosters for the wash
  • A mason jar full of quarters

It is that easy and so useful for their first semester at college.

3♦ Custom jewelry or money clip

The internet is saturated with fun jewelry for the new grad in your life. From bangles, to cuffs, to necklaces, to rings, the options are truly endless. Especially when these jewelry designers give you the freedom to personalized your product down to the type of metal your prefer.

An alternative gift to money in an envelope is a custom stamped money clip that reads “oh the places you will go”:

Graduation Personalized Money Clip in Copper-Graduation Gift-Gift for Graduation-Moneyclip for Dad
From etsy shop: TheLandlockedDogTwo

Bonus points if you slip a little bit of money into the clip.

Or you can customize a bangle with the college they are attending or their name:

Personalized graduation bangle, 2017 bangle, custom name bracelet, gift for graduate, high school senior jewelry, 2017 graduation present
From etsy shop: Love1Oak

Also if you didn’t know by now, I also hand stamp bracelets and other objects that are perfect for the grads in your life. Take a look at what I have to offer at

Born to Be Designs!

4♦ Custom College Sports Gear

While I did love the shirts that Pitt offered for sports, after two years I feel like they never offered anything new. Why not give your grad a personalized sports shirt from my girl Nikki at Belle and Whistles!

She offers sports gear like none I’ve ever seen and since they are so fashion forward, they are perfect for your grad.

5♦ Gift cards to their local grocery store

This goes along with the gift card idea posted earlier. Find out what school they will be attending and see if there are any grocery stores within walking distance (or a short bus ride) and give your grad a gift card there. Giving them a little bit of home with them. While it is fun to go out to eat and see your friends everyday, sometimes it is nice to go back to your room after class, make a little meal for yourself, and binge watch Netflix.

I hope this post gives you a little idea of gifts you can give to your grad this year.

Do you guys have any fun presents that you have given or are planning on gift to your grads? If so what are they?

As always,