Mondays with Mo: The PERFECT Steve Madden Carson Sandal Dupe

If you are like me, then you love a good, simple shoe.

When I first saw the Steve Madden Carson sandal I knew I wanted it… I NEEDED IT!

Steve Madden Carson Sandal

That was until I saw that they were almost $100…

Now the price is not what I have an issue with. It is a beautiful shoe and I would get more than enough uses out of them. My problem is that I have a one year old Chihuahua Terrier, Nell, that has successfully chewed through 80% of the shoes I owned. I can not justify dropping close to $100 on these shoes when I run the risk of them becoming another victim to my pups razor teeth.

So on the hunt I went to find a dupe!

I did not have to look long however! I walked into Target and immediately found a pair that I knew would be a perfect dupe!

Say hello to Merona’s Lulu High Block Heel Sandal!!!


I scooped these up instantly, with 19,344,330 outfits in my head. Perfect for shorts and tank tops this summer, sundresses, jeans and a leather jacket, the options are truly endless. And they only run you… *drum roll please*…. $29.99!!!! So if (and lets be honest, when) Nell gets a hold of them and shreds the heel, I will be a little less sad.

I wore these yesterday to my future sis-in-laws bridal shower and loved how they looked, and the fact that they were easy to walk in and comfortable.


The best part, they come in so many color options! I will definitely be back to purchase the nude and black pairs.

What are some awesome shoe dupes that you guys have come across? Have you guys bought these fun summer shoes from Target yet?

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