Mixed Berry Smoothie Bowl

Looking for a quick and easy breakfast option to satisfy that early morning sweet tooth?  For a healthy breakfast, follow my recipe for a mixed berry smoothie that is sure to kick-start your day.

Prep Time:  5 minutes

Total Time:  5 minutes

Yield:  1 delicious smoothie bowl


1/2 cup frozen blueberries

1 cup frozen strawberries

2 scoops Isagenix Isalean Shake Strawberry Cream (protein powder)

Optional Toppings:

1/8 cup of Nature’s Path Organic Love Crunch Dark Chocolate & Red Berries

1/2 Tablespoon Reduced Fat Peanut Butter


  1. Combine frozen berries, protein powder and 1/2 c of water in blender.  Cover and process until smooth.
  2. Pour smoothie into bowl and sprinkle with toppings.


What toppings do you like to add to smoothie bowls?   Let me know in the comments below 🙂



Mo goes to Mexico!


So I 100% thought I’d be able to get this post up yesterday for Mondays with Mo, but hey life happens and instead I went kayaking with my fiance and his dad (pics to come!). I decided to work on it a little bit more last night since there was so much to cover. And alas, here is every detail about my latest trip to… MEXICO! The who, what, when, and where of it and an accompanying vlog below also on our youtube. Be prepared and get your snacks because its a long one.

The who• My fiance’s brother, Tyler, proposed to his gorgeous girlfriend, Jackie, last year on Easter and they told us from the get go that they wanted a destination wedding. They decided Mexico because it is their favorite place to vacation. So last week Ethan, his parents, and his brother Jake loaded up and headed to the airport to meet about 40 of Tyler and Jackie’s closest friends and family (lucky for me these people over the past five years have become the same to me).

The what• A wedding silly!

The when• We left early Sunday morning from Pittsburgh international and stayed all the way up to Wednesday. I know, I know. Only a few days, but when you are an all-inclusive newbie like me, that is all you need. Trust me. I was worn out and overly tan (maybe a little sunburnt…). The rehearsal dinner was Monday night and the wedding on Tuesday. Honestly some of the most fun days in my life.

The where• In Mexico we stayed at a Dreams Resort. Dreams Riviera Maya to be exact. This resort was more than gorgeous! You walked into a huge open lobby with the sea breeze blowing in. We were greeted with warm, aloe towels and a glass of refreshing champagne. Quite the start to vacation. A quick check in led us to our hotel room. Saying hotel room doesn’t do this place justice. The huge open room housed a Jacuzzi tub, a shower that could fit ten, a long double vanity, and a massive king sized bed. Off of the room was a cute balcony perfect for a morning coffee (we decided to skip this because the beach and pool were calling our name bright and early each day). The pool area was massive with three different pools. A shallow pool perfect for the kiddos and for the ping pong tables that they had, a pool equipped with basketball hoops and volleyball nets, and a massive pool with a pool bar extending the one end of the pool. Off of the pool area was a ramp to the beach. Coming off the ramp you are greeted by the coolest bar in the resort, The BARacuda, a cool, shack like bar with swings standing in for traditional bar stools. Swinging with a drink in hand on the beach was one of my favorite parts about the trip. After the bar the beach is filled with just about anything you could need. Personal cabanas that anyone can use, a beach volleyball court, soccer nets, crystal clear water, and hammocks hanging everywhere for you to lounge around. During our trip we ate at just two of the several restaurants available at the resort. The first night we enjoyed a delicious meal at their Hispanic restaurant, El Patio, with stuffed poblano peppers and Don Julio galore. The second night, rehearsal dinner night, we dined at the Seaside Grille, I ate their grouper meal while my fiance Ethan ate a seafood linguine that I have been craving ever since (stay tuned for my attempt at recreating it later this week).

I never thought that I would fall in love with Mexico. I was prepared to have a lot of fun, but I did not prepare for the experience I had. I got to share some incredible moments with equally incredible people. I got to share in a magical day for two people that I love dearly. I got to finally unplug and spend quality time with Ethan, something that I rarely get to do with our busy schedules.

Along with the gorgeous resort, the staff of Dreams was unlike any other. I never needed a single thing, anytime I could think of something I needed they were already right there with it in their hand. The second day we were there, the pool bar server ran up to me and asked if we enjoyed the rest of our night and brought over the drinks we had ordered the day before (HE REMEMBERED EACH OF THEM!). I lost my brand new GoPro the first night, I know I cringe thinking about it too, but when I went up to the front desk they had it safely tucked away for me. True angels!

To wrap it all up, I give Mexico a thumbs up and Dreams two huge thumbs up.

I am already ready to plan our next trip!

I was so excited to try this out on this trip. I got some really cool shots. Can’t wait to use it more.
So many shameless pictures coming your way.
So happy to spend the week with my honey

IMG_1024IMG_0988 - Copy

BARacuda swing bar
This mirror was giving me life on this trip. Massive wall to wall.


Born to Be Designs!
More swing bar fun
My future in laws!


Forgotten selfies
The new Mrs. Hellwig


The almost new Mr. and Mrs.
The venue was out of this world
The sun was not cooperating with us
A little better
They did it!
The three Hellwig boys
Now the wind was playing tricks (PS I thrifted this dress for $7!)


The Hellwigs!


And as promised… My vlog of the trip! And make sure to subscribe to our Youtube! We have a ton of cool videos coming up soon.

Mo Goes to Mexico / A Very Hellwig Wedding

As always,


DIY: Stone Coasters!

Who doesn’t love an easy tutorial? Who doesn’t love an easy tutorial that makes your home that much cuter?

I hope the answer is no one.

When I’m not working, I’m taking long walks down the aisles of home goods, target, and each and every craft store looking for new things to add to my house. Ranging from eclectic picture frames, to rustic wood signs, to any and every type of mason jar (you’ll be seeing quite a few mason jar type posts since that is one of the BIG things for our wedding decorations).

So when I went to Construction Junction (a huge warehouse full of old doors, windows, discarded granite counter tops, chairs, lockers, cabinets… the list goes on and on. Basically a DIYer and remodelers dream) yesterday with Noelle and our Mom I was excited to see what things I could get my hands on.

I gravitated towards the counter tops first looking for one that would really pop as a backdrop for Instagram photos. Then on to the old school windows looking for some decorations for my wedding. It wasn’t until we made our way to the tile section that a light bulb went off in my head. There were so many stacks of beautiful stone tiles, marble tiles, wooden tiles, the options were really endless. I picked up four oversized white marble tiles that would work perfectly for a background for photos (THEY WERE ONLY $2.50 for all four!!!). I strolled down the next aisle and found smaller tiles and immediately thought… COASTERS!!!

I picked up these beautiful jade stone tiles and white marble tiles. FullSizeRender(84)

These colors vibe so well with the aesthetic of my house so I was pretty excited.

So are you ready for the easiest tutorial of your life?


What you’ll need:

  • Stone tiles
  • Adhesive felt pads


That’s it…

Step 1: Pick which tiles you want to work with.

Step 2: Place four round felt pads to each corner of the tiles. For extra hold you can also place a dot of hot glue to the back of the pads before placing them in each corner.


And that is it…

Seriously so super easy. And not only do they look awesome in your house, but they are an awesome gift for housewarming parties or as an extra thing to throw in with your bridal shower presents.

I wrapped up a few with suede rope and faux leather trim as gifts for some friends.


I think the best part of it all is that I spent a total of $12 for FIVE sets of coasters. You seriously cannot beat it.

I hope you guys enjoyed this DIY tutorial and if you guys make coasters of your own we’d love to see them!

As always,




I hope you all had a fantastic Mother’s Day weekend!

We spent the weekend by beginning my Mom’s kitchen redo! Goodbye “tuscan yellow” walls and hello gorgeous gray walls.

Now on to the next exciting thing: MEXICO!

My fiance’s brother is getting married in the Riviera Maya next Tuesday and we are heading down this Sunday. I am so excited to have a quick little trip with my honey celebrating our favorite couple.

I have a handful of things that I still need to do before we leave, but today I decided to get a jump start on my packing. The first thing that I like to do is to get all of my makeup, hair care, and skin care in order. You know JUST the most important things.

So here is a little look into how I pack all of my beauty products and what I bring with me!

1◊ First thing that I like to do is to lay out of the brushes that I want to bring with me. Since it is a beach vacation I do not need to bring all of my brushes, just my most important ones. My must haves are: a foundation brush, a beauty blender, a big powder brush, a contour brush, a small, flat shader brush, a fluffy, blending brush, and a fan brush. I do not bother bringing my eyebrow brushes since I am bringing my NYX eyebrow pencil (which luckily has an eyebrow tool attached on the other end!). I typically like to wash my brushes two days before my trip (doing it the day before runs the risk of your brushes not drying properly!). I like to put my brushes in an oversized makeup bag all by themselves! The last time I put them in with a makeup product, said makeup product spilled all over my clean brushes and I spent the first day of my vacation cleaning it all up.


2◊ After I get all my brushes gathered, I gather up my eye shadow pallets that I am bringing. My Morphe 35o pallets are hands down my favorite! I bought the original 35o and became obsessed, but when the came out with the separate matte and shimmer pallets I knew they were a must have. I bring them everywhere with me. Another pallet that I am bringing is my new BH Cosmetics  88 Natural Eyeshadow Pallet. I just got it in the mail this week (one of those things I totally forgot purchasing so I was super excited when I looked in the mail box) and the options are endless. From pastels to black. It helps that the shadows are also highly pigmented and buttery soft. I’m gonna create a ton of fun, colorful Mexico looks with this one. As for packing… I used to carefully wrap my pallets in a hand towel and place them in the middle of my clothes in my suitcase. It worked awesomely until a few months ago when I traveled to Orlando and opened my suitcase to see eye shadow on half of my clothes. One of the pallets broke during the trip and was completely ruined. Now I wrap my pallets up and place them in my carry on. Since I only bring three they do not take up that much space and I am a lot more careful with them than others would be.


3◊ After I gather my eyeshadow pallets up, I choose the rest of my makeup products. First, I pick out which foundations I want to bring (light weight ones that I know will hold through the heat). I usually bring two because I hate bringing one that I think I want to use and changing my mind when I get there. I am going to be bringing my NYX Total Control foundation drops and my Maybelline Matte and Poreless foundation (I use shade 220).

Next, I grab my concealer, mascara, eyeliner, and brow pencil. These are all no brainers since I usually only use one type of these at a time (unlike my foundations that I change everyday). Right now I am loving the Maybelline Fit Me concealer, Maybelline Colossal Big Shot mascara, my NYX brow pencil, and my go to NYX matte black liquid liner.

Lastly for my makeup I grab a bronzer, a few pairs of eyelashes, AN SPF CHAPSTICK (burnt lips are never in style), and my setting spray and put all of it into a makeup bag. I do not pack a highlighter to go with me since my Morphe 35o Shimmer pallet has more than enough shades that pull double duty.

I put my makeup bag in the middle of my clothes in my main suitcase still (until something breaks again, then I will have to think of switching it up).

4◊ With the most important things being packed up, I move onto my skin care products. I keep it pretty simple for this. I pack a moisturizing face primer (Nivea Men’s Sensitive Post Shave Balm is seriously one of my favorites. Moisturizes and reduces any redness that I have), I pack an eye cream (Tarte has my favorite one at the moment), a brightening face mask, face wipes, an exfoliant face scrub, and a mild face soap. I keep it pretty simple with my vacation skin care. Just bringing the basics.

5◊ One of the last things that I do to pack my toiletries up is to gather some important hair care products. Shampoo, conditioner, and body wash are a must since I just can’t risk using those little bottles that the hotel provides you. I grab my hair spray, hair shine serum (I know that’s not the technical name for it but that’s what I call it), and a detangling hair brush.

The only hair tools that I bring are a blow dryer (once again you can’t risk not bringing it and the hotel not having a functioning one. You don’t want to sit there for an hour trying to dry your hair when it usually takes ten minutes) and my flat iron. I do not bring my curling irons because in the last year I have learned the art of creating the perfect beach waves with my handy dandy flat iron.

To finish up my hair products, I throw small elastics and a plethora of bobby pins into a small container so that they aren’t all over the place in my bag.


My hair products go in makeup bags as well and are placed in my main suitcase.

6◊ After this is all packed up, I think of all of my last minute essentials. Deodorant (which I throw in my carry one because you never know when you’re gonna need it), a few roll on perfumes that I can throw in my clutches, body lotion, andddd a TOOTH BRUSH AND TOOTH PASTE!

ANDDDDDD SUNBLOCK!!!! Spray, lotion, face, whatever way your cookie crumbles just don’t forget it. Even if you aren’t going to the beach it is important to have at all times.

So that is how I pack up my makeup-y products and hair products for my trips. Here is a quick checklist that you can use to make sure you aren’t forgetting anything when you make your next trip!



  • Makeup brushes
  • Foundation
  • Concealer
  • Mascara
  • Fake Eyelashes
  • Eyeliner
  • Eye shadow
  • A setting powder
  • A setting spray
  • Brow products
  • Face wipes
  • Face wash
  • Face mask
  • Eye Cream
  • Face primer
  • Lip products (SPF is necessary when at the beach!)
  • Hair elastics and bobby pins
  • Hair spray
  • Deodorant
  • Tooth brush
  • Tooth paste
  • Perfume
  • Flat iron
  • Hair dryer
  • Hair brush
  • lotion
  • AND don’t forget to bring sunblock! Protect that beautiful skin of yours please and thank you!

I hope I didn’t forget anything!

I hope you guys enjoy the rest of your day and let me know below what things you guys bring on your trips!

As always,


7 Last Minute Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

With Mother’s Day coming up in two short days, you should already have your gift bought/made and day planned.  If you are like a lot of people (no shame), you still have no gift and no clue what to get.  Below is a list of last minute gifts that are meaningful and some are even free.

1. Subscription Services (i.e. FabFitFun, Ipsy, Birchbox, etc.)



If your mother isn’t already subscribed to these services, I highly recommend it.  The fun in this is that you can choose how long they receive it.  For services like Birchbox or Ipsy, it’s only $10/month, which means you can get it for her for an entire year (depending on your budget).  This is truly the gift that keeps on giving.



2. Mani/Pedi


Everyone wants to be pampered and there is no better feeling than a fresh mani/pedi.  Treat your mother to the spa or salon where she can get away from errands and just focus on herself for once.  This might not be what your mom wants to do on Mother’s Day, so try to do it the day before or the day after.


3. Clean house


Every mom wants a clean house, when she is away (running errands, working, etc.), clean the house from top to bottom.  Bonus points if you do the dishes and ALL of the laundry.

4. Car wash/detail

cleaning car

The cleaning doesn’t stop with the house.  Treat your mother to a car wash and detailing (including removing any of the kids/husband’s junk).  If your mom is anything like ours, this won’t be hard (her car is always very clean) but will be greatly appreciated.

5. Breakfast in bed


Make a breakfast-in-bed menu the night before and let her check off what she wants.  Make sure you set your alarm and wake up before she does to prepare the meal (hint: make sure it’s still warm when she gets it).   Some moms would prefer to eat at a table, if this is the case, make a really nice place setting and treat her to breakfast that way.  Oh yeah, make sure you clean up afterwards 😉

6. Plan dinner


While reservations at a nice restaurant may seem like a great gift, all moms really want is time for everyone to enjoy each other’s company.  Instead of going out to eat, plan a nice dinner at the house where it’s not too noisy and much more intimate.  Try to have dinner outside (weather permitting) and again, remember to clean up afterwards.

7. Frame Photo(s)


With photos being stored on phones, computers and the cloud nowadays, framing a photo or two has become even more special.  Have the photo printed and placed in a nice frame.  Some ideas of photos to use could be a photo of her children/family, of her and her mother, of her and a special someone, etc.  If you’re really feeling adventurous, plan a mini shoot with your siblings to be printed for Mother’s Day (make the shoot a surprise).


What am I doing for Mother’s Day?   Exactly what NOT to do:  Completely renovating the kitchen.  While surprising your mother with a new kitchen is nice in theory, we all know this is a long process so really it like “surprise mom!  you can’t use your kitchen for a month!”  Oh well, you live and you learn.

What are you guys doing for Mother’s Day?  Let me know in the comments below 🙂



My favorite local brew pub

Hi guys! Hope you all had a great start to your week.

Today I did my usual Tuesday tasks. I cleaned my house, planned out some Born to Be things, and I went to happy hour with my father-in-law. For the past year, every Tuesday my fiance and I spend Tuesday afternoon with his father. We travel all around the greater Pittsburgh area finding the best pub grub.

This week we headed back to my favorite local brew pub, Spoonwood Brewing right by Bethel Park. From their unique smaller batch brews to their coal fired pizza, there is nothing to not like here.

I started the evening with my favorite brew, Smoke and Oats. It smells like a camp fire, but the smokey flavor brings me back for more each time.


Every Tuesday they have a pizza special, so this week Ethan and I decided to have the Wake & Bake Pizza again. The pizza is so savory with a over easy egg on top, sausage, and bacon. It is so hard to pass this pie up.


After dinner, I had a night cap beer that truly tasted like dessert. I picked Van Damsel which tasted eerily similar to banana bread, and smelled like it too. As a whole, Spoonwood is one of the best places to eat and drink in the Pittsburgh area. The staff is always welcoming, the food always feels like home, and you can’t pass up their impeccable, unique brews.


If you are in the Pittsburgh area, have you tried Spoonwood out? What are your favorite places to eat in Pittsburgh?

As always,


Mondays with Mo: My Favorite Accessory and Shoe Trends

Hi Pals!!!

I’m a true believer that accessories and shoes change your whole look. You can have the cutest outfit on, but it does not look complete unless you top it off with a cute pair of wedges and tassel earrings. The icing on the cake of if you may.

Here is a list of my favorite accessory and shoe trends at the moment!

1. The Statement Earring• I have been seriously obsessing over the statement earrings this season. The beaded tassel earrings, the ball drop earrings, the oversized flower studs, and more. They seriously add another dimension to your spring and summer looks. Here are a few of my favorites at the moment…

I’ve been obsessing over Baublebar Crispin Drops earrings so when I found these from their Sugarfix version is swiped them up instantly (and they were only $10!!!
The beaded tassel earrings are something that I truly hope will never go out of style! They make me feel so glam even if I am wearing just a tee and jeans. I found these at Target when I was buying the Sugarfix ball drop earrings.

2. The Fan Favorite Espadrille• I’m not claiming that this shoe is a new trend, but my love for these shoes are stronger now than ever. There are seriously so many cute options that I am finding it hard to not *BUY ALL THE SHOES*. With that being said, here are a few pairs that I have either bought or I am lusting over. 

These are on my list of shoes I am snagging this week at Target for their BOGO 50% off sale this week.
These Marc Fisher Steve Madden dupes are going to get me through everything this spring and summer!

3. Super fun tassel and embroidered shoes• Along with the espadrille shoe craze, I am also loving the embroidered shoes and the bright tassel sandals.


Being a lover of tattoos, I am dying for these rose embroidered shoes from Charlotte Russe! This trend is something I am totally getting behind.
I’m going to Mexico in two weeks and these shoes are also on my list of things that I NEED!!!

4. Tassel Purses!• Along with my love for tassel earrings and shoes, comes my love for the bright tassel purses that are EVERYWHERE! They are so much fun and I am grabbing them all up for my upcoming trip to Mexico!

This fun tassel purse from Etsy  is giving me all of the summer, island vibes!
This tassel and pom clutch from T and J designs is definitely high on my lust list! If you pick one tassel clutch for this season, this would be the one.

So there are a few of my favorite accessory and shoe trends for this spring and summer. I’m loving the bright colors and tassels so, so much!

What are the trends and colors you are loving this season? Do you love these trends as well?

As always,