Senior Year: Bucket List

It’s finally here!

As the end of senior year is drawing nearer and nearer, thoughts of summer are at the forefront of my mind. As I sit in my classes, images of swimming pools, grad parties, cookouts, vacation, etc. cross my mind. And as a senior, the anticipation is almost unbearable. There is so little time to maximize all of summer break before freshman year of college begins, therefore I have created a list of the top 20 summer bucket list ideas for this upcoming summer.

Here are some things that I have in mind:

1. GRADUATE!!! (duh)

2. Grad Party

3. The 1975 concert (did I mention I LOVE concerts)


4. Alive Music Festival

alive festival

5. Wave Pool

6. Go to Lake


7. Family Vacay

8. Skyview Ranch Camp

9. Numerous Bonfires. S’mores, mountain pies, hot dogs….. yummmm


10. Late night movie marathons on the projector


11. Fourth of July festivities (fireworks, flags, and sparklers ☺)


12. Stargazing

star gaze

13. Kayaking at the Point


14. Hiking and biking at State Park


15. Boating


16. Draw and Paint

17. Explore new restaurants

18. Food Festivals

food fest

19. Pittsburgh Annual Regatta

20. Master the ukulele


Hopefully my summer to do list inspires your summer plans. Even if you don’t get to everything you hoped to do, remember the goal is to make memories that will last a life time. In everyone of these things I hope to have a blast before I am off to school again. I can’t wait to live it up this summer and I am crossing my fingers that I can do all these cool things. Let me know what you like to do in the summer and comment below!



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