Mondays with Mo: I’m getting married!!!

Hello Monday!

This week I am having a good old case of the Mondays. I am finding little motivation to leave my couch (my sleepy pup isn’t making it any easier). So I decided what a better time than now to tell you my engagement story!!!!

So if you want to find out the when, where, and how, then keep on reading!

Our last picture together as BF and GF!

To know Ethan and I is to know our love for Universal Studios Orlando. We went for the first time last February for just a day before heading to Ft. Lauderdale for a family trip. IT WAS LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT! Being huge Harry Potter nerds, we ran to Ollivander’s and picked out our wands. We spent the day drinking butter beer, eating at Hogsmeade, and practicing our wizard skills. When the day was over we both agreed that we needed to plan another trip and quick.

Our next trip was planned for the following October. Those eight months took forever. All I wanted to do was go back. October finally approached and Ethan and I packed our bags and headed for Orlando. For our first trip we stayed off property,  but this time we did a little more research and saw all the benefits of staying in a hotel on property (free shuttle service to and from the parks, early park admission, etc.). So for this trip we opted to stay at the Cabana Bay Beach Resort.


This hotel has such a fun, 50s vibe to it from the decor to their diner. After checking in, we took advantage of the free shuttle service and headed to Citywalk (a boardwalk area outside of the parks filled with restaurants, shops, bars, and more).

We checked the differnet restaurant’s menus out before leaving and decided on Cowfish, a sushi burger bar.


I got this amazing Big Squeal burger that was topped with pulled pork, slaw, onion strings, and more. Ethan got the Burger Sushi but we ate it so quickly that there was no time for pictures.

After dinner we walked around Citywalk for a bit and headed into Pat O’briens (a New Orleans style bar) to wait for our friends who were meeting us for a few days after their Disney trip.

Once Gina and Jimmy got there we went to check out a newer attraction to Citywalk, Toothsome Chocolate Emporium. A restaurant and bar whose focus is on.. well CHOCOLATE!



Since we already ate, we headed upstairs to the bar for a few drinks. Their drink menu was massive and everything was topped with chocolate shavings. YUM!

After a few drinks (maybe one too many), we decided that it was best to head back since we were planning on using the early admission perk the next day (which meant that we were heading to the park around 7 am!!!).

Once back at the hotel we had one night cap drink and headed back to our room (or at least we attempted to). Our hotel was separated into different parts with hallways that all looked the same. We made one too many wrong turns and ended up way on the other end of the resort. The whole time I was trying to navigate where we were, Ethan quietly followed behind me.

That was until we made our way back to our hotel room. Right before we went in, I turned around and Ethan was on both knees (yes… not one knee, but both. Gotta love him). I thought he had fallen down so I went to help him up and that’s when he said those words that any girl wants to hear “Will you be my wife?”. Unlike most girls who would start crying instantly, I was a little apprehensive if this was real or not for a few reasons. One, he was a little tipsy (or maybe a little more than a little tipsy). Two, and the biggest reason, HE DIDN’T HAVE A RING BOX IN HIS HAND!!!

So my first response was “Where’s the ring?”. I know not extremely sweet, but oh well.

He assured me that he had it tucked away in our luggage. We go into our room and he starts throwing everything out of our suitcase. There were clothes everywhere… AND no ring. I saw panic set in on his face for a brief second until he started laughing and said “OH it’s in my backpack!”. He unzips the pocket and right on top was a little white box.


He was serious guys! I clearly said yes. After all of the excitement and calls to our parents we finally went to bed (right around 4 am!).

The next day when we got up Ethan told me his real plans for the proposal, which included Harry Potter World and our best friends taking a bunch of pictures. While that would have been amazing, the way he did it was so much more.

It was exactly what I wanted, just him and I and a bunch of ugly cries.

The rest of that day and the next were pure bliss. We got to run around Universal as an ENGAGED couple!


And in true Ethan and Moriah fashion, our trip would not end without a little hiccup. This hiccup being a HURRICANE!

Yes, the day we were supposed to leave a hurricane hit the southeast and we were stuck for another day. The whole state was on lock down and all we could do was sit in the lobby. Lots of six packs and card games got us through a very rainy 48 hours.

So there you have it, my proposal story! Perfect in every single way.

Over the next few months as I start to plan my wedding I will be blogging and vlogging some DIY stuff, what I am putting in my birdesmaid proposal boxes, and basically all things wedding.

So here’s to #becominghellwig!

As always,



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