Franktuary: Pittsburgh, PA (Market Square)

Franktuary was founded over a decade ago and has won numerous awards for both quality food and a great atmosphere.  After dining in both locations, Lawrenceville and Market Square, I can say these awards are well deserved.  Recently, my boyfriend was chosen for jury duty downtown so we were able stop at the Market Square location for lunch.

The first thing you will notice when you walk in (aside from the long line) is the atmosphere.  When you think of a hot dogs certain things come to mind, like ordering one at a ball park.  Likewise, the Market Square location has an upscale concession stand feel, you order at a window with a clear view of the entire kitchen and staff preparing meals.  The line is typically long during peak lunch hours, but they have cute pieces of art to keep you entertained.

The menu isn’t very large, but the different combinations are endless.   Just one frank is enough for lunch, but it’s always so hard to decide, so I always order two.

The corn dogs are a must have.  My boyfriend and I are huge on sharing food, or should I say I love sampling his food.  But the corn dogs are too good to settle with a bite or two so we both ordered one. The coating is made from a house cornmeal batter, and once fried it is light and crisp and the dog still has that fresh from the grill texture.  Only advice for the corn dog is to wait a few minutes before eating because they are so hot when you bite into them.   We both burned our mouths cause we couldn’t wait to dive in.  My boyfriend ordered a cola and they carry Boylan Soda, which is a more natural soda.  I was not a fan of it, but if you must have a soda, it’s better than nothing.

My boyfriend ordered the Oahu, which has house bacon, grilled pineapple, teriyaki, and scallions.  This is his go-to and is highly recommended.  I ordered the Bangkok, which has Thai peanut sauce, carrots, red cabbage, peanuts, and cilantro.  I ordered it without carrots.  I learned after we sat that the carrots were mixed with the cabbage already but they were going to pick the carrots out for me.  They came out and asked if I had an allergy since they might miss a piece.  It was so nice that they were going to go through all that trouble to please a customer.  I told them to save their time and not out the cabbage either.   I’ve had this dog with and without these ingredients and will say it is yummy either way.  The veggies just add a little crunch, but they don’t add much flavor.

To go with our hot dogs, we ordered a side of poutine. The Québécoise is a standard poutine with fries, cheese curds, house gravy. Their fries are very good, but the gravy seemed to be better the last few times we went.  If you’re going to order two dogs, I’d say skip the poutine.

Of what we ordered, the corn dogs and Oahu are must-haves.  The Bangkok was good, but I will be trying something different next time.  As for the poutine, it is good but until they change the gravy I won’t be ordering again.   Our order came in around $30.  For how much we ordered, the price was pretty reasonable, especially if you compare it to ordering at the ball park (Go Pirates!).  Despite the long line and less than spectacular poutine, Franktuary will always be one of my favorite lunch spots. For more information, check out their website.

Have you been to Franktuary?  Let me know what you think!



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