10 Ways I Break Out of a Creative Rut

Lets be honest… We have all been there. We sit down, have our laptop powered up, notebook and pen prepped, and place our fingers on the keys…. AND nothing! You want to write, dare I say need to write, and you are clueless as to what to say. You start and delete a dozen posts and feel like you’ll never come up with creative content again. You are in a “creative rut”!


While it is extremely annoying to feel this way, you are not out of luck. Here are 10 things that I do when I am in a “creative rut” that I need to break out of and fast.

Here we go…

  1. Switch up what you are listening to (PLAY THAT BOSS BABE MUSIC!):

My favorite thing to do when writing is to listen to music (probably much like most of you). I usually listen to my favorite band, Kings of Leon, since it is perfect, easy background music. So when I am feeling a lack of creativity I turn to my “BOSS BABE” playlist, I get up, and I dance! From Beyonce’s “Lemonade” to Rihanna’s “Anti” all the way to any and every 80’s power ballad. This playlist is the first thing I turn to when I need a refresher. It puts me in a different mental space, helps me think outside of the box, and inspires me to keep going.FullSizeRender(35)

2. Turn to your inspirational boards!:

Whether it be your 100+ Pinterest boards or your old school magazine cutout poster boards, I always check out what once caught my eye. This is the quickest way in my opinion to break out of your block. Seeing a bunch of pictures always sparks my creativity and I have no problem finding something new to write about. The source of your inspiration doesn’t even have to be directly connected with what you end up creating. Sometimes I look on my food boards when I need fashion inspiration. A recipe for a rainbow fruit salad motivates me to create a post about my favorite colorful summer looks or how I pair unlikely color combos together.

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3. Work on something different for a bit:

When I’m not blogging, I spend my time creating jewelry. So, when I am at a loss for what I want to blog about I turn to my jewelry. Working with my hands keeps my brain moving. By the time I’m done making a new pair of earrings I also have new ideas for what I want to write about.

4. Make a list of your goals!:

What do you want to accomplish by the end of this week? By the end of this month? Or by the end of this year? What are your 5, 10, and 15 year goals? Anytime I’m feeling in a rut I write down what I want to achieve with Four of a Kind Diaries in the future. It helps me to stay focused and brings some confidence back to me. Writing down my goals helps me visualize what I want to do next. For example:

  • Do I want to increase my Pinterest presence = think about a few easy DIYs that I can post

5. Step out of your comfort zone!

If you are feeling a lack of creativity and feel stuck, then step out of your “safety box”. Do you always take your pictures in the same few areas, write about the same type of things (clothing, recipes, DIYs, etc.), or do your hair the same type of way? Then switch it up! Go to a new location to take pictures and write about it. Find a food recipe that you would not usually feel inclined to make (even if it turns out terribly, you can still write about your recipe fails! Not everything has to be perfect.). Switch your hairstyle up! You don’t have to go from a sultry brunette to ice queen blonde. You can simply find a different way to braid your hair or curl your hair with a flat iron instead of your 1 in. barrel curler (now you have a few hair tutorials you can post about!). When I step out of my comfort zone I find a dozen new things that I want to write about or try out.

6. See what your fellow boss babes are doing:

I find myself creeping on Instagram multiple times a day seeing what fun things my favorite blogger babes are doing. (Note: I LOVE TO SEE WHAT THEY ARE DOING, NOT COPY WHAT THEY ARE DOING!). Instagram is one of my biggest sources of inspiration when I need it the most. Seeing how people style pieces that I already own makes me want to dig into my closet and write about “15 Ways I Styled My OTS Tops” or “Different Ways to Pair Your Summer Staples” etc.

7. Take the time to read the book that has been sitting on your night stand:

Give your brain a break! Take some time for you, I promise ideas pop into my head a lot more often when I’m not trying to over think. While you are taking some time for yourself, why don’t you open that book you bought and have been meaning to read. I just recently started reading Lilly Signh’s “How to Be a Bawse” and if that doesn’t get your creative juices flowing then I don’t know what will. I have only read a few chapters and I already have half a notebook full of things that I want to do. Lilly’s style of writing makes you want to change your view on life and get out there and do all of the things.

8. Get together with other creatives:

Few things in life are better than getting together with your inventive besties. Sitting down with my sisters always chips away at my rut. See what your friends are doing, what new things they are interested in, and even collaborating with them on new projects will do wonders for your artistic side. I always walk away with a long list of topics that I want to quickly dive into.

9. Enlist the help of some new professional friends to switch things up:

If you have been blogging for a while, I’m sure you feel that things start to look the same on your page. Your pictures look the same, your makeup is the same, and your poses are all the same. This goes along with stepping out of your comfort zone, step out of your routine. It is time to reach out and collaborate with new MUAs, photographers, stylists, etc. No you don’t have to stop working with your BFF who takes all of your content photos for you, but switch things up and do a shoot with an upcoming photographer who can use your photos for their portfolios. Work with new makeup artists who will transform your look for you. New collaborations will add a type of freshness to your page that will inspire even more fun, new collabs.

10. Don’t Feel Forced to Come Up with New or Different Content:

Last but not least, don’t feel like you always have to produce content every day or every other day. When I feel like I have to post every day, my content suffers greatly. Instead of slapping together five posts in one week, spend time and create two quality posts or even one post that you are extremely proud of. Don’t feel like you have to post about a dozen different topics. If you are successful in writing about clothing and beauty, then stick to that! Don’t feel like you have to write about x,y, and z and then go into break down mode when you don’t feel inspired by any of it. Chances are your tribe is following you because of what you have already produced, not because they are waiting for you to do something completely different (although it is fun to switch content up, don’t feel like it is a make or break thing to do).


I hope these 10 things help you ease out of your creative rut! What are a few things that you do when you need a refresher? Have you done any of these things when you were in a rut creatively?

Talk soon!



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