Mondays with Mo: Mini Ulta Haul

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Hi again!

For the rest of today’s Mondays with Mo I want to show you guys a little Ulta haul that I did yesterday. I was at Ulta earlier last week picking up some new foundation and the Butter + Pantone lip gloss that I blogged about. Before I went to check out I came across the Makeup Revolution set up. I have heard of them once or twice before but have never tried any of their products. So I decided to head back yesterday and give everything a good look over and pick up a few pieces that I thought would work well for me and here is what I got!

  1. Luxury Banana Powder:

    plz save

The first item on my list was the Makeup Revolution Luxury Powder. I have only tried banana powder once (Ben Nye) and I loved it so I was very eager to try this out. And when I saw that it was only $8 I really couldn’t pass it up. I tried it this morning with my “No Makeup, Makeup Look” and wore it all day without my makeup budging so I say it is 100% worth the purchase.

2. Ultra Bronze

The second product that I hauled was the Ultra Bronze bronzer. The pictures do not do the size of this bronzer justice. IT IS HUGE!!! It is not highly pigmented but is perfect for a light bronzing for your day to day makeup looks. I can see this being a quick favorite of mine… And it only sets you back $7!!

3. Strobe Highlighter in the shade “Holographic Lights”

I am a sucker for a good highlight. My highlight arsenal ranges from the transparent sparkle to the intense gold that makes you emulate a Greek goddess. This highlight is in the middle of that. It is decently transparent but has a very noticeable color. It reminds me of the lip gloss from Butter London that I recently purchased with its green sheen. While I probably won’t be gracing my cheeks with this highlight daily, I think it will definitely be a fun summer addition. For only $6, I can not wait to add the other three shades to my collection.

4. Rose Gold Lipstick in shade Chauffeur


If I tried to say I didn’t buy this lipstick for the packaging, then I would be lying. Anything rose gold is my weakness. So much so that my fiance picked out a rose gold engagement ring for me (the number one reason I said yes…. jk jk). Apart from the killer packaging, this lipstick is pretty decent. It is not extremely pigmented and does not last all day, but a few swipes amps up your daily makeup looks for a bit. I bought the lightest shade because nude lipsticks are my second weakness in life after rose gold. These lipsticks come in several other shades that range all the way up to a dark cherry color. The best part is that these lipsticks are only $5, so trying them out will not break the bank.

5. Lip Euphoria in Karma


This might have been my favorite product that I hauled yesterday. This lip gloss is very pigmented and does not leave your lips feeling extremely sticky. Once again I picked a color close to nude since I knew that I would get the most use out of it. This gloss comes in several shades and at $5 as well, you can’t pass up trying this one out either.


All together I spent $31 on all of these products and feel like I got just the right amount of “bang for my buck”. I picked up only a few products, but Makeup Revolution products range from lipsticks to full out palletes (color correcting, highlighting, eye shadow… the works!). And everything is under $20!

My verdict on Makeup Revolution is an A! Definitely worth a try.

What products have you tried from Makeup Revolution? What cosmetic brand should I haul next?

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