Mondays with Mo: No Makeup, Makeup Look

mondays with mo


And once again it is Monday!

While Monday for most is a dreaded day of getting back into the work week, I welcome Mondays with open and loving arms. For starters it is one of the two days off I have with my fiance and I enjoy every second I get with him. I also feel like Mondays are a blank slate for the week and they always set the tone for whats to come in the next few days for me.

I always try to plan out new things for my jewelry company, Born to Be (@borntobedesigns), I like to run errands, clean the house, organize my office, etc. Since most Mondays I am in my house or in my car, I like to keep my attire and makeup easy (like under 5 minutes easy). This brings us to the topic of discussion on today’s Mondays with Mo, “My No Makeup, Makeup Look”.

I achieve this easy look in under 10 steps! No it may not be glamorous, but it makes me feel like less of a zombie when going about my day.

Step 1. Even though I go through my nightly skin care routine (taking my makeup off, cleaning my face, and dabbing my favorite eye cream on), I always seem to have mascara remnants under my eyes in the morning. So before I apply any makeup for the day I like to give my face another little wash and go over it with Simple Micellar Cleansing Water. After a quick wipe around my face, I am ready to go!


Step 2. Primer! Primer! Primer! I can not stress this enough! Before I started getting interested in makeup, my makeup routine was pouring foundation on to a brush, swirling it around my face, and swiping mascara onto my lashes. Seriously… Two products. I’d like to think that I have progressed in my makeup applying abilities and the first thing that I learned was the importance of a good primer. Whether you need a primer to fill in your pores (my preferred type), to hydrate your face, or to combat oiliness, a good primer sets the tone for the rest of your makeup. A few of my favorite primers are:


Step 3. Once my primer is applied, I like to apply a light weight foundation. My new favorite is the Nyx Cosmetics Total Control Drop Foundation. A few drops gives me the light coverage that I desire and covers up the blemishes and dark circles that are less desirable. I have combination skin with my T-zone being oily and the rest of my face being slightly drier and it works perfectly for me. Nyx also came out with a perfect brush to apply this foundation: Pro Total Control Drop Foundation Brush.


Step 4. Once my foundation is on, I apply a light weight concealer under my eyes and also use it to highlight my nose and the rest of my T-zone.

Step 5. My sisters Noelle and Sophia like to bake cakes, I like to bake my face. No not the baking you are accustomed to, this baking involves applying translucent powder to parts of your face to lock in your foundation and concealer (gets rid of those unwanted lines and creases). A mistake that I have made several times is applying the powder after my foundation is dry (the powder seemed to do nothing for me and my foundation shifted throughout the day). The point of the powder is to set your foundation, so pressing it onto your face while your foundation is still wet prevents streaking from happening.

Step 6. Once my face is baked, I contour my face with a light bronzer. I do not carve my face as if I was going out with my girls, I just add a little bit of color to my face. One of my favorite bronzers at the moment is from the Nyx Highlight & Contour Pro Palette.

Step 7. To finish off my make up I apply a few swipes of mascara and I am done. I know a lot of people have a holy grail mascara that they swear by and don’t stray from, but I am not one of those people. I have gone through dozens of mascaras in the last ten years of wearing makeup. While a good handful of them have been duds, most of them have done the job for me (and have done it well at that). The mascara that I am using currently is Tarte Lights, Camera, Lashes 4-in-1 Mascara and I am pretty much in love with it.

Step 8. To complete my look, I like to apply any type of lip product. Some days its a high gloss and some days its a clear Chapstick. Today it is a lipstick from Makeup Revolution that I picked up at Ulta yesterday (check back around lunch for a look at what I picked up in my Ulta Haul yesterday).

And there you have it! “My No Makeup, Makeup Look”.


I’d love to hear about how you guys accomplish a similar look or what makeup you wear on your lazy days.

Check back around lunch for my first mini Ulta Haul where I bought Makeup Revolution products for the first time!

As always,




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