Mondays with Mo: Colors of Spring

Every year Pantone, the globally acknowledged authority of color, releases seasonal color reports. The colors they release influence that seasons fashions, interior designs, and much more. For Spring 2017, they released ten colors that range from the palest of pinks to the brightest of red oranges. A perfect mix of pastels and intense vibrant colors. Below I give you a look into these colors, my favorite color combinations, and the pieces I have in mind that showcase these gorgeous colors!

Untitled drawingIMG_0265

Primrose Yellow: One of the more versatile colors brought to you by Pantone this season, Primrose Yellow in my opinion is the perfect spring yellow. It is a bright and jubilant color that will match these upcoming sunny days. Incorporating this color into your spring looks will add an instant touch of warmth.

How I will be incorporating this color into my looks: Since I have yellow undertones in my skin, anytime I rock a lot of yellow in my clothing my face looks washed out. So instead of sporting a top or dress in this color, I will be incorporating this color into my accessories. A perfect color for a clutch or cross-body bag that will easily be able to transition into summer or a pair of strappy heels will be the perfect additions to my spring wardrobe!

The perfect primrose yellow cross-body

Chunk Heeled Yellow Ankle Strap Sandals


Pale Dogwood: One of the more muted tones in Pantone’s color report, Pale Dogwood is a sweet pastel that will bring a romantic vibe to your spring looks.

How I will be incorporating this color into my looks:
This color is one of my all time favorites. So much so that my bridesmaids will be wearing it to my wedding next year. With that being said, I will be wearing this color a lot this season. Tops and dresses are what first come to mind when I see this swatch, but I will also incorporate it with light spring jackets or simple t strap heels.

Gold Embellished Pale Dogwood Trench Coat

Pale Dogwood Skater Dress from Tobi


Hazelnut: One of my favorite neutral colors. Able to be transitioned between each season, Hazelnut can easily be paired with other pale, pastel tones or bright, vibrant colors.

How I will be incorporating this color into my looks: Hazelnut has been a staple in my closet for as long as I can remember. Half of my closet is filled with cardigans, purses, pants, dresses, and tops in this color. I usually wear Hazelnut with other similar neutral colors, but this spring I will be aiming to pair this color with brighter tones.

The Perfect Hazelnut T Shirt Dress

Hazelnut Strappy Suede Heels


Island Paradise: Island Paradise stands right in the middle of the pastels and the vibrant colors in this color report. It has the ability to stand out when paired with neutrals or join the party when paired with this seasons bright hues.

How I will be incorporating this color into my looks: I will be adding this color to my wardrobe through skater dresses and lots of accessories (bracelets, clutches, and heels to name a few!).

Island Blue Skater Dress

Island Paradise Block Heel Sandals


Greenery: One of the brighter colors in this series, Greenery is a reinvigorated yellow-green that begs to be showcased on a sunny day. The intensity of this color works amazingly by itself or as part of this season’s hot floral pattern trend.

How I will be incorporating this color into my looks: Greenery will be added to my spring wardrobe primarily through printed maxi dresses.

Greenery Tropical Patterned Maxi Dress

YSL Exotic Green Nail Polish


Flame: The brightest of the colors in this report, Flame is sure to brighten any of your spring looks. This intense red orange will be sure to bring a ton of heat to your wardrobe.

How I will be incorporating this color into my looks: The intensity of this color makes me want to add it to everything I wear this spring. I am traveling to Mexico next month to celebrate my future brother-in-law and sister-in-law for their wedding and this color is on the top of my list for bathing suits and fun, beachy tops.

Flame Over the Shoulder Top

Flame Topshop Mesh One Piece Swimsuit


Pink Yarrow: The next brightest color in this collection next to Flame, Pink Yarrow is a bold addition to your spring wardrobe. A beautiful fuchsia pink, this hue is sure to bring life to any of your looks.

How I will be incorporating this color into my looks:
I typically do not wear colors this intense, but a goal of mine is to bring in bolder colors to my wardrobe this year. This color is perfect for a pair of tie up flats or as a pop of color in your accessories.

Pink Yarrow Tie Up Flats

Pink Yarrow OTS Top


Niagara: One of the most versatile colors of this spring, Niagara’s cool denim hue speaks to the simplicity of spring. Rock this color for your casual, easy spring looks.

How I will be incorporating this color into my looks:
The easy was out in bringing this color into your spring looks would to slap on a pair of jeans. Niagara, however, can be worn in so many different ways. A great OTS top, a cool jacket, a great oversized bag, even light spring dresses. The possibilities are endless with this flexible color.

Niagara OTS Top

Niagara OTS Romper


Kale: A lot more fun to wear than to eat, Kale is a lush green that lends itself to the neutral family this spring. This color is a perfect base for the more vibrant shades of the report.

How I will be incorporating this color into my looks:
It is truly so hard to pick a favorite in this report, since they are all so good, but I might just have a winner with Kale. It seems that my online carts are full of this color and every time I am out I bring back a new addition in this shade. So bringing this color into my looks is no hard task. I recently just purchased a front knotted Kale tunic from Forever 21 during their BOGO sale this past weekend that I plan on pairing with distressed jean shorts and either Flame lace up flats or Pink Yarrow T strap heels (I will link the top below).

Kale Front Knotted Tunic

Kale Belted Drape Vest


Lapis Blue: The most energetic and bold blue in this report, Lapis Blue is sure to brighten any of your spring looks.

How I will be incorporating this color into my looks: In the last three years as a jewelry designer, Lapis Lazuli has quickly become my favorite stone to use. It is always a staple in my beaded bracelets. This spring I will continue to rock Lapis Blue in my arm candy and through other accessories.

The Most Amazing Lapis Lazuli Layered Necklace

Lapis Lazuli and Gold Bangle

My Favorite Combinations This Spring:


Hope you enjoyed my take on this spring’s hottest colors! What are your favorite colors for this season? How do you guys plan on incorporating these colors into your looks?

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For a more in depth look into what exactly Pantone does, make sure to check out their site here:



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