Senior Year: Bucket List

It’s finally here!

As the end of senior year is drawing nearer and nearer, thoughts of summer are at the forefront of my mind. As I sit in my classes, images of swimming pools, grad parties, cookouts, vacation, etc. cross my mind. And as a senior, the anticipation is almost unbearable. There is so little time to maximize all of summer break before freshman year of college begins, therefore I have created a list of the top 20 summer bucket list ideas for this upcoming summer.

Here are some things that I have in mind:

1. GRADUATE!!! (duh)

2. Grad Party

3. The 1975 concert (did I mention I LOVE concerts)


4. Alive Music Festival

alive festival

5. Wave Pool

6. Go to Lake


7. Family Vacay

8. Skyview Ranch Camp

9. Numerous Bonfires. S’mores, mountain pies, hot dogs….. yummmm


10. Late night movie marathons on the projector


11. Fourth of July festivities (fireworks, flags, and sparklers ☺)


12. Stargazing

star gaze

13. Kayaking at the Point


14. Hiking and biking at State Park


15. Boating


16. Draw and Paint

17. Explore new restaurants

18. Food Festivals

food fest

19. Pittsburgh Annual Regatta

20. Master the ukulele


Hopefully my summer to do list inspires your summer plans. Even if you don’t get to everything you hoped to do, remember the goal is to make memories that will last a life time. In everyone of these things I hope to have a blast before I am off to school again. I can’t wait to live it up this summer and I am crossing my fingers that I can do all these cool things. Let me know what you like to do in the summer and comment below!



Spring Break Vacation

If you’re anything like me, then you have a deep interest for traveling, but you don’t necessarily have the bank account to support it. Last fall my sister Hope asked if me and my best friend Brandie, if we would like to go on a cruise with her, during spring break. Knowing that if I didn’t go I would be stuck in snowy Pittsburgh all week, I said yes immediately.

Since I am still in college and both Hope and Brandie have jobs, they got to go down to Miami a few days before the cruise, while I stayed for classes 😦 . The cruise started in Miami, then to Cozumel, and lastly Key West. Hope, Brandie, and I shared an interior room on Royal Caribbean’s Empress of the Seas.


The first two days of our trip were spent at sea. Being that none of us have been on a cruise before, we got a little sea sick. Nevertheless, the sun was out, the weather was beautiful, and this was vacation. We decided to spend the whole day soaking up the rays and taking the occasional dip in the pool.

On the third day, we arrived in Cozumel, Mexico. As soon as we stepped off the boat onto the port, there were numerous shore excursions to choose from. We wanted to experience as much of the island as possible, so we first went to the Mayan ruins, then to a beach club, and lastly some shore shopping.



Once we got back on the boat, we quickly got showered, nicely dressed, and then headed to dinner at the Starlight Dining Room; this was something we made reservations for every single night. Each night featured a different three-course meal theme. There was Italian, Mexican, American, and French food. Since we prepaid for meals, we could have as much food as we wanted… “two entrées and two desserts, please and thank you!”

The next day was spent at sea, and to ensure that you get a pool chair, you must wake up early…like really early. We got room service at 6:30 a.m., and then ran to the pool deck to reserve chairs for our group.

The next day, we arrived at Key West, Florida. This place was GORGEOUS!!!! They had the cutest pastel painted buildings, docks full of cool boats, delicious key lime pie (duh, its Key West), amazing beaches, and did I mention it is the southernmost point of America… I mean how cool is that! While here, we got to walk through an abandoned fort that was turned into an eccentric garden, right next to the beach. Although there were cars, many people used golf carts, mopeds, and trolleys for transportation. We rented a six-seat golf cart and explored as much of the area as possible.


Amazing Key Lime Pie
Key West Dock


Fort Garden
Fort Garden
Sista Sista

Looking back, I am so happy that I went on this trip with my best friend and sister. If you are ever hesitant about going on a trip, just take the opportunity and go.  Visiting new places and experiencing new things brings such joy and hopefully this is just the start of the many trips.


17 Outfit Ideas for Your Next Baseball Game

Anytime I get a chance to go to a baseball game, the first thing I plan is my outfit.  Forget any other details, we all know this is the most important.  The problem for me is that I’m from Pittsburgh, so even though we all associate baseball with warm Spring/Summer weather, you never know what weather you will get.  For instance, last night I went to the Pirates game and it was in the low 50s, brrr.

So, if you’re wondering what to wear to a baseball game this summer, look no further. Here are 17 outfit ideas for your next baseball game:

  1. Bomber jacket and jeans

    Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset
  2. Sweater, jeans and baseball hat

  3. Flannel, vest, jeans and baseball hat

    Flannel and vest
  4. Sporty jacket, leggings, tennies and baseball hat

    Cold Baseball, casual
  5. Jersey, jeans, converse

    celeb jean, jersey
  6. Tied t-shirt, jeans, baseball hat with pony

    tied tshirt, ripped jeans
  7. High-waisted jeans, tucked t-shirt and baseball hat

    high waisted, tucked t shirt
  8. Baseball tank and jeans

    baseball tank, jeans
  9. Overalls, t-shirt and baseball hat

  10. Dress, shirt tied around waist and baseball hat

    dress, shirt tied
  11. Another dress, shirt tied around waist and baseball hat

    dress, converse, shirt tied
  12. Baseball jersey and shorts

    baseball jersey
  13. High-waisted shorts, crop top, baseball hat

    high waisted shorts, crop
  14. Jean shorts, crop top, baseball hat optional

    crop and shorts
  15. Jean shorts, tied flannel, and baseball hat

    2 shorts, tied flannel
  16. Another jean short, tied flannel, and baseball hat

    shorts, tied flannel
  17. Furs (faux), dress and heels…jk!

    furs, dress, heels

What do you guys wear to games?  Let me know in the comments below 🙂




Mondays with Mo: I’m getting married!!!

Hello Monday!

This week I am having a good old case of the Mondays. I am finding little motivation to leave my couch (my sleepy pup isn’t making it any easier). So I decided what a better time than now to tell you my engagement story!!!!

So if you want to find out the when, where, and how, then keep on reading!

Our last picture together as BF and GF!

To know Ethan and I is to know our love for Universal Studios Orlando. We went for the first time last February for just a day before heading to Ft. Lauderdale for a family trip. IT WAS LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT! Being huge Harry Potter nerds, we ran to Ollivander’s and picked out our wands. We spent the day drinking butter beer, eating at Hogsmeade, and practicing our wizard skills. When the day was over we both agreed that we needed to plan another trip and quick.

Our next trip was planned for the following October. Those eight months took forever. All I wanted to do was go back. October finally approached and Ethan and I packed our bags and headed for Orlando. For our first trip we stayed off property,  but this time we did a little more research and saw all the benefits of staying in a hotel on property (free shuttle service to and from the parks, early park admission, etc.). So for this trip we opted to stay at the Cabana Bay Beach Resort.


This hotel has such a fun, 50s vibe to it from the decor to their diner. After checking in, we took advantage of the free shuttle service and headed to Citywalk (a boardwalk area outside of the parks filled with restaurants, shops, bars, and more).

We checked the differnet restaurant’s menus out before leaving and decided on Cowfish, a sushi burger bar.


I got this amazing Big Squeal burger that was topped with pulled pork, slaw, onion strings, and more. Ethan got the Burger Sushi but we ate it so quickly that there was no time for pictures.

After dinner we walked around Citywalk for a bit and headed into Pat O’briens (a New Orleans style bar) to wait for our friends who were meeting us for a few days after their Disney trip.

Once Gina and Jimmy got there we went to check out a newer attraction to Citywalk, Toothsome Chocolate Emporium. A restaurant and bar whose focus is on.. well CHOCOLATE!



Since we already ate, we headed upstairs to the bar for a few drinks. Their drink menu was massive and everything was topped with chocolate shavings. YUM!

After a few drinks (maybe one too many), we decided that it was best to head back since we were planning on using the early admission perk the next day (which meant that we were heading to the park around 7 am!!!).

Once back at the hotel we had one night cap drink and headed back to our room (or at least we attempted to). Our hotel was separated into different parts with hallways that all looked the same. We made one too many wrong turns and ended up way on the other end of the resort. The whole time I was trying to navigate where we were, Ethan quietly followed behind me.

That was until we made our way back to our hotel room. Right before we went in, I turned around and Ethan was on both knees (yes… not one knee, but both. Gotta love him). I thought he had fallen down so I went to help him up and that’s when he said those words that any girl wants to hear “Will you be my wife?”. Unlike most girls who would start crying instantly, I was a little apprehensive if this was real or not for a few reasons. One, he was a little tipsy (or maybe a little more than a little tipsy). Two, and the biggest reason, HE DIDN’T HAVE A RING BOX IN HIS HAND!!!

So my first response was “Where’s the ring?”. I know not extremely sweet, but oh well.

He assured me that he had it tucked away in our luggage. We go into our room and he starts throwing everything out of our suitcase. There were clothes everywhere… AND no ring. I saw panic set in on his face for a brief second until he started laughing and said “OH it’s in my backpack!”. He unzips the pocket and right on top was a little white box.


He was serious guys! I clearly said yes. After all of the excitement and calls to our parents we finally went to bed (right around 4 am!).

The next day when we got up Ethan told me his real plans for the proposal, which included Harry Potter World and our best friends taking a bunch of pictures. While that would have been amazing, the way he did it was so much more.

It was exactly what I wanted, just him and I and a bunch of ugly cries.

The rest of that day and the next were pure bliss. We got to run around Universal as an ENGAGED couple!


And in true Ethan and Moriah fashion, our trip would not end without a little hiccup. This hiccup being a HURRICANE!

Yes, the day we were supposed to leave a hurricane hit the southeast and we were stuck for another day. The whole state was on lock down and all we could do was sit in the lobby. Lots of six packs and card games got us through a very rainy 48 hours.

So there you have it, my proposal story! Perfect in every single way.

Over the next few months as I start to plan my wedding I will be blogging and vlogging some DIY stuff, what I am putting in my birdesmaid proposal boxes, and basically all things wedding.

So here’s to #becominghellwig!

As always,


Franktuary: Pittsburgh, PA (Market Square)

Franktuary was founded over a decade ago and has won numerous awards for both quality food and a great atmosphere.  After dining in both locations, Lawrenceville and Market Square, I can say these awards are well deserved.  Recently, my boyfriend was chosen for jury duty downtown so we were able stop at the Market Square location for lunch.

The first thing you will notice when you walk in (aside from the long line) is the atmosphere.  When you think of a hot dogs certain things come to mind, like ordering one at a ball park.  Likewise, the Market Square location has an upscale concession stand feel, you order at a window with a clear view of the entire kitchen and staff preparing meals.  The line is typically long during peak lunch hours, but they have cute pieces of art to keep you entertained.

The menu isn’t very large, but the different combinations are endless.   Just one frank is enough for lunch, but it’s always so hard to decide, so I always order two.

The corn dogs are a must have.  My boyfriend and I are huge on sharing food, or should I say I love sampling his food.  But the corn dogs are too good to settle with a bite or two so we both ordered one. The coating is made from a house cornmeal batter, and once fried it is light and crisp and the dog still has that fresh from the grill texture.  Only advice for the corn dog is to wait a few minutes before eating because they are so hot when you bite into them.   We both burned our mouths cause we couldn’t wait to dive in.  My boyfriend ordered a cola and they carry Boylan Soda, which is a more natural soda.  I was not a fan of it, but if you must have a soda, it’s better than nothing.

My boyfriend ordered the Oahu, which has house bacon, grilled pineapple, teriyaki, and scallions.  This is his go-to and is highly recommended.  I ordered the Bangkok, which has Thai peanut sauce, carrots, red cabbage, peanuts, and cilantro.  I ordered it without carrots.  I learned after we sat that the carrots were mixed with the cabbage already but they were going to pick the carrots out for me.  They came out and asked if I had an allergy since they might miss a piece.  It was so nice that they were going to go through all that trouble to please a customer.  I told them to save their time and not out the cabbage either.   I’ve had this dog with and without these ingredients and will say it is yummy either way.  The veggies just add a little crunch, but they don’t add much flavor.

To go with our hot dogs, we ordered a side of poutine. The Québécoise is a standard poutine with fries, cheese curds, house gravy. Their fries are very good, but the gravy seemed to be better the last few times we went.  If you’re going to order two dogs, I’d say skip the poutine.

Of what we ordered, the corn dogs and Oahu are must-haves.  The Bangkok was good, but I will be trying something different next time.  As for the poutine, it is good but until they change the gravy I won’t be ordering again.   Our order came in around $30.  For how much we ordered, the price was pretty reasonable, especially if you compare it to ordering at the ball park (Go Pirates!).  Despite the long line and less than spectacular poutine, Franktuary will always be one of my favorite lunch spots. For more information, check out their website.

Have you been to Franktuary?  Let me know what you think!


10 Ways I Break Out of a Creative Rut

Lets be honest… We have all been there. We sit down, have our laptop powered up, notebook and pen prepped, and place our fingers on the keys…. AND nothing! You want to write, dare I say need to write, and you are clueless as to what to say. You start and delete a dozen posts and feel like you’ll never come up with creative content again. You are in a “creative rut”!


While it is extremely annoying to feel this way, you are not out of luck. Here are 10 things that I do when I am in a “creative rut” that I need to break out of and fast.

Here we go…

  1. Switch up what you are listening to (PLAY THAT BOSS BABE MUSIC!):

My favorite thing to do when writing is to listen to music (probably much like most of you). I usually listen to my favorite band, Kings of Leon, since it is perfect, easy background music. So when I am feeling a lack of creativity I turn to my “BOSS BABE” playlist, I get up, and I dance! From Beyonce’s “Lemonade” to Rihanna’s “Anti” all the way to any and every 80’s power ballad. This playlist is the first thing I turn to when I need a refresher. It puts me in a different mental space, helps me think outside of the box, and inspires me to keep going.FullSizeRender(35)

2. Turn to your inspirational boards!:

Whether it be your 100+ Pinterest boards or your old school magazine cutout poster boards, I always check out what once caught my eye. This is the quickest way in my opinion to break out of your block. Seeing a bunch of pictures always sparks my creativity and I have no problem finding something new to write about. The source of your inspiration doesn’t even have to be directly connected with what you end up creating. Sometimes I look on my food boards when I need fashion inspiration. A recipe for a rainbow fruit salad motivates me to create a post about my favorite colorful summer looks or how I pair unlikely color combos together.

Our Pinterest Inspiration Boards
Follow us at Four of a Kind Diaries

3. Work on something different for a bit:

When I’m not blogging, I spend my time creating jewelry. So, when I am at a loss for what I want to blog about I turn to my jewelry. Working with my hands keeps my brain moving. By the time I’m done making a new pair of earrings I also have new ideas for what I want to write about.

4. Make a list of your goals!:

What do you want to accomplish by the end of this week? By the end of this month? Or by the end of this year? What are your 5, 10, and 15 year goals? Anytime I’m feeling in a rut I write down what I want to achieve with Four of a Kind Diaries in the future. It helps me to stay focused and brings some confidence back to me. Writing down my goals helps me visualize what I want to do next. For example:

  • Do I want to increase my Pinterest presence = think about a few easy DIYs that I can post

5. Step out of your comfort zone!

If you are feeling a lack of creativity and feel stuck, then step out of your “safety box”. Do you always take your pictures in the same few areas, write about the same type of things (clothing, recipes, DIYs, etc.), or do your hair the same type of way? Then switch it up! Go to a new location to take pictures and write about it. Find a food recipe that you would not usually feel inclined to make (even if it turns out terribly, you can still write about your recipe fails! Not everything has to be perfect.). Switch your hairstyle up! You don’t have to go from a sultry brunette to ice queen blonde. You can simply find a different way to braid your hair or curl your hair with a flat iron instead of your 1 in. barrel curler (now you have a few hair tutorials you can post about!). When I step out of my comfort zone I find a dozen new things that I want to write about or try out.

6. See what your fellow boss babes are doing:

I find myself creeping on Instagram multiple times a day seeing what fun things my favorite blogger babes are doing. (Note: I LOVE TO SEE WHAT THEY ARE DOING, NOT COPY WHAT THEY ARE DOING!). Instagram is one of my biggest sources of inspiration when I need it the most. Seeing how people style pieces that I already own makes me want to dig into my closet and write about “15 Ways I Styled My OTS Tops” or “Different Ways to Pair Your Summer Staples” etc.

7. Take the time to read the book that has been sitting on your night stand:

Give your brain a break! Take some time for you, I promise ideas pop into my head a lot more often when I’m not trying to over think. While you are taking some time for yourself, why don’t you open that book you bought and have been meaning to read. I just recently started reading Lilly Signh’s “How to Be a Bawse” and if that doesn’t get your creative juices flowing then I don’t know what will. I have only read a few chapters and I already have half a notebook full of things that I want to do. Lilly’s style of writing makes you want to change your view on life and get out there and do all of the things.

8. Get together with other creatives:

Few things in life are better than getting together with your inventive besties. Sitting down with my sisters always chips away at my rut. See what your friends are doing, what new things they are interested in, and even collaborating with them on new projects will do wonders for your artistic side. I always walk away with a long list of topics that I want to quickly dive into.

9. Enlist the help of some new professional friends to switch things up:

If you have been blogging for a while, I’m sure you feel that things start to look the same on your page. Your pictures look the same, your makeup is the same, and your poses are all the same. This goes along with stepping out of your comfort zone, step out of your routine. It is time to reach out and collaborate with new MUAs, photographers, stylists, etc. No you don’t have to stop working with your BFF who takes all of your content photos for you, but switch things up and do a shoot with an upcoming photographer who can use your photos for their portfolios. Work with new makeup artists who will transform your look for you. New collaborations will add a type of freshness to your page that will inspire even more fun, new collabs.

10. Don’t Feel Forced to Come Up with New or Different Content:

Last but not least, don’t feel like you always have to produce content every day or every other day. When I feel like I have to post every day, my content suffers greatly. Instead of slapping together five posts in one week, spend time and create two quality posts or even one post that you are extremely proud of. Don’t feel like you have to post about a dozen different topics. If you are successful in writing about clothing and beauty, then stick to that! Don’t feel like you have to write about x,y, and z and then go into break down mode when you don’t feel inspired by any of it. Chances are your tribe is following you because of what you have already produced, not because they are waiting for you to do something completely different (although it is fun to switch content up, don’t feel like it is a make or break thing to do).


I hope these 10 things help you ease out of your creative rut! What are a few things that you do when you need a refresher? Have you done any of these things when you were in a rut creatively?

Talk soon!


Mondays with Mo: My Easter Look

Hello and another happy Monday to you all!

I hope you all had a fabulous Easter full of pretty clothes, chocolate Easter bunnies, and all the family loving you could get. I spent the morning with my family, the evening with my fiance’s fam, and ended the night with some much needed puppy snuggles.

This year I chose to wear one of my favorite dresses that is right on track with this spring’s head to toe floral trend. IMG_0462

I bought this from Forever 21 a while ago but there are so many great dupes that I have found. Here are a few of my favorites:



I paired my floral maxi with a pair of fringe black wedge sandals, boho waves, and a stack of metallic bracelets.


These stacking bracelets are part of some new goodies coming to Born to Be Designs (my jewelry company) in the next few weeks! I am switching things up and bringing more simple, everyday pieces. I can’t wait to add them to my daily stacks.

I’d love to hear what you guys wore yesterday and what you guys did!

What do you guys think about the head to toe floral trend going on right now? I absolutely love it!

As always…



*Note: the pictures for the other dresses were taken from the linked websites and are not my own.